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Your Voice is Powerful. Use it to Connect with Customers.

We’re inundated with text. Most social platforms are full of this or that post, that’s text based, with an image or video. Even our phones, you see people speaking on them less than looking at them. However, your VOICE is powerful.

Think about it, it’s someone’s birthday. What do they like to hear or see. Your voice singing them happy birthday or a txt message, “Happy birthday”

Wall Street Journal writes about the growing list of apps that enabled voice communication, one to one but also in a group.

How can you leverage your voice to build a better relationship with your customers and others?

  • When people have a “life occasion” – birthday or otherwise send them a video message via FB messenger or other direct message.
  • Use What’s App to send a voice message to let someone know you’re thinking about htem
  • Call a customer and leave a voice mail (if they don’t pick up). Just hearing your voice, might make them feel special.

WSJ writes ” Talking was the most popular way to communicate via cellphone in the fall of 2012, with 94% of survey respondents having done so in the prior week, according to consumer-research firm MRI-Simmons. By the spring of 2019, talking had fallen to least popular, behind texting, emailing, posting to social media and using chat apps, with just 45% reporting doing it in the prior week. In other words, less than half had used their phone for an actual phone call. ”

I know talking on the phone might feel quaint. However the human voice (and handshake) are still important forms of communication.

Of course this leads me to remind you, that VOICE search will continue to grow. If you’re not thinking of how to use Siri, Alexa and Google Voice in your marketing plans, do so.

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