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Why Future Demands Blockchain Technology?

Technology is growing day by day and it is advancing towards some unconquered heights. A huge amount of digital data is stored and transferred from one point to another point for the conduction of those technological processes. Privacy and security are the most wanted companions to protect the data and information. But, the security features like firewalls are not up to the mark. Cyberbullying is traced in almost all industries and hence there is a need for protection and encryption. There comes the blockchain.

Blockchain is a digital security software that is programmed to provide encrypted security to the data. It is crafted in a way to split the information and store it in a separate format in a chain-like structure thereby making it hard to decrypt. So, the cyberbullies will find it difficult and cannot steal the information which is stored via the blockchain technology

How does Blockchain technology work?

Once the particular forum or sector is linked to the Blockchain, they become encrypted. That means, all the information and data which are communicated will be stored and secured. It can be accessed only by the assessing authorities alone. 

Blockchain development companies construct them in a way that each information is stored in a block and then converted into a ledger and hashed. The hashed information is secure. The information regarding the same subject or information will be stored in a different block and recorded again in the ledger. But the information is chained to the already existing one thereby forming a chain of information based on time.

If the user or authority wants to get the information on a particular date, then he can use the key to decrypt the information and get it. This is the specialty of the blockchain technology application.

The fact about the blockchain is that the information is spread in several computers and hence if any cyberbully wants to decrypt, then he needs to access all the connected computers to steal the information, which is nearly impossible.

Blockchain is also known for its interoperability. They can link to multiple computers that do individual tasks, organize them, and manage them to conduct a proper working force. To be short, Blockchain is not only a security wall but also a time-saver.

Sectors and Industries which use the Blockchain technology on a great scale:

There are multiple sectors that benefit from blockchain technology but some of the industries are in dire need of them. There is no surprise that these top 4 industries use the blockchain technology at present and have lauded them to be more secure.

Finance Industry: 

The most benefitting industry by the blockchain is the Finance industry. Lots and lots of information are included in the finance industry. The finance industry includes top priority financial institutions like Banks, Insurance companies, etc. The servers of those financial institutions are guarded by the firewall which itself may be threatened due to the breach and cyber threats and hence blockchain technology can be enabled to provide 360-degree security against any cyber threats. Also, the banks can use the blockchain for their workflows regulation and management of the entire functionality. Blockchain can reduce the infrastructure cost to a great extent and enhances transparency.

Manufacturing industry: 

Manufacturing a product is not an easy task. It involves multiple complex processes that need to be done in a precise manner. If things and information got stolen or went complicated, the entire thing will be a mess. Blockchain has a feature of providing supply chain management assurance. Apart from the security, the supply chain can be managed effectively by Blockchain due to its interoperability features. It can connect with individual machines and interlink all the functions to do things faster.

Health Industry:

No other industry other than the health sector will be benefited with blockchain technology. All the information regarding patients including their personal details to their medical records will be stored and protected in the blockchain. The patient will be provided with the private key and the hospital authorities will be provided with a public key to access all the information of the patients and hospital records. The patient can get his information using the private key. The information will be so secure that the patient can get access to his medical reports digitally whenever he can. 

Government operations:

There is always a threat to the successful running government and cyber threat is one of the most crucial ones. Cyber threats against the government should be eliminated but with conventional security systems, it is not possible, Blockchain can provide a complete solution for the security of the government operations and communication in an effective manner. As the RTI ( Right to Information) based voices are rising every now and then the blockchain can facilitate the transparency of the government information thereby enhancing the level of democracy. The transparent government can lead a nation to improve and with Blockchain, the goal is near.

Benefits of Blockchain technology in the future:

Transparent source: 

Despite being known for its tight security, the public blockchain is known for its transparency in viewing the public transaction ledger. This strengthens the integrity among the financial and banking sector to take note of the transactions which will eventually lead to the integration in the business functioning and the company’s growth and development.


Blockchain does not need any management intermediates and hence the business transactions are done faster and efficiently. Blockchain, due to its interlinked management process, processes the business at a much faster pace than the traditional individual processing under human evaluation. Regarding the transactions, the blockchain-enabled P2P transactions are done at a faster pace without any hassles comparing the traditional transaction methods. 


That is obvious. Blockchain is primarily used for security reasons. Blockchain security is unbreakable to the extent and hence recommended for most industries as discussed. They are provided with public and private keys for the efficient usage of information. The public key will be used by the managing authorities to manage the general information of the clients and the private key will be used by the clients themselves. Further, it is unhackable that the cyber threats will be hard to conquer this medium and they provide security to your data and transactions.

Better auditing:

Auditing becomes an easy task using the blockchain. Blockchain creates a ledger of all the transactions and removing or deleting the data will be a hard task to do. This creates an impeccability in audit trailing as with one click, you can get the entire transaction information about the functionalities of the company. 

No corruption: 

Corruption of data is nearly impossible in the blockchain mechanism. As the entire process is ledgered, there is no less chance in the corruption of data. Also, the entire transaction can be traced in a short time which creates a barrier for corruption leading to the clean functionality of the company.

Blockchain is the future. In all aspects of the protection and management of the industry, Blockchain is proving its potential to be an essential part of its smooth functionality. Apart from security, the software provides transparency, efficiency, and enabling mechanisms. Hence, it is not a surprise that the future demands blockchain technology for all its functioning and efficiency. 

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