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What should you look for in a business smartphone?

Nowadays, smartphones are an essential part of all businesses, regardless of the industry you’re in. Business communications simply wouldn’t be the same without them. So, if you’re after a new smartphone for business, let us take a detailed look at what you should look for in a business smartphone.

Trusted provider

It is advisable to go through a phone provider with a strong backlog of trust and reputation that is also substantial in providing competence in their services. Choosing a provider that is trusted and dependable ensures that you are working with confidence and credibility.

Trusted providers can also often offer you package deals that cover all aspects of your business telecommunications, such as voice, data and mobile services by Gamma. A phone company that are experts in business telecommunications will give you peace of mind that knowledgeable advisors will be available to support you and handle any issues you may have in the event of a potentially costly problem.

Great audio quality

This might go without saying, but your business will need a smartphone that has high-quality audio and audio recording capabilities. Audio quality should always be the most important factor of a business phone since they are a crucial form of communication.

The two primary options for audio generally consist of either a standard landline or a Voice over IP (VoIP) connection. Whereas a typical landline employs physical cables to transport sound waves, a VoIP uses an internet connection for its audio transmission. Due to the constant innovation of internet services, VoIP services are often higher quality and more reliable.

Long battery life

It would always be beneficial to opt for a business phone model known for having an extensive battery life, especially when compared to its competitors. It may also be worthwhile to seek a phone that allows you to simply replace its battery for a charged one in the event of an emergency.

Suitable screen size

With continuous advancements in technology, more functions and specs are being introduced to smartphones. This means that many have bigger screen displays that improve both function and productivity.

Attaining a bigger screen size is also crucial for employers who intend to use it for multitasking or to effortlessly transition from job to job, such as switching between typing and editing. Duties such as design, editing, social media management, email, conferencing and copywriting are made much easier with a larger touch screen display.

That said, opting for a smaller screen will ensure the phone fits in your hand more comfortably and also your pocket which is beneficial for mobility and carrying your phone around.  If you do a great deal of business travel and commuting, this would potentially be convenient.

Camera quality

One perk of having a high camera quality on your business smartphone is that it allows you to quickly and easily post photos and videos to social media platforms, assisting your business’ growth, and efficiently reaching your audience.

The quality of your camera can also impact the sharpness and intelligibility of your video when being streamed live. For example, when you communicate with employees, colleagues, and customers through video conferencing and tools like Skype, a high camera quality will make you more clearly visible. This will make you look more professional, boosting your reputation.

Overall, the specifications of a business smartphone depends on your individual needs and requirements, allowing you to effectively communicate in all the ways you require.

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