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What are Liquid Flowmeters, And Different Types Of Flowmeters?

The process of measuring fluids in an enclosed piping system requires the use of flowmeters. These are the useful devices that work for the accurate measuring fluids flowing in the pipes. The consistent advancement in technology has made these devices highly efficient in gauging flow rates for different liquids. These devices are capable of measuring the flow rate of fluids from one source to another. But, there are several types of these devices that work on their own principles and mechanism. So, you must know what they are and how they are beneficial for industries.

Industries that use liquid flow measuring devices

As mentioned earlier that these devices are highly used in industries for liquid flow metering. So, their working is useful for various industrial and manufacturing plants, including:

Pharmaceuticals – where the use of liquids like chemicals is measured for the exact composition of medicines

Food and beverages – where the liquids are measured while packaging to keep them in the accurate quantity

Water plants – where cleaning of water is occurred for supplying to residential and commercial buildings

Oil and petroleum – where transfer of thick liquids takes place and is measured for the exact formation of end products and many more.

Why are liquid flow measuring devices used?

Well, there are certain reasons to use these devices which are defining the use of flowmeters in industries. So, here are some prominent uses of these fluid measuring devices you should know.

For analyzing the liquids

These devices are used in a variety of industries to scrutinize the number of liquids to be used and their velocity as well.

Compute water usage

These meters are also used in residential buildings to compute the amount of water in total. The consumption of water in total volume consumed by the residents is measured.

Leakage detection and prevention

This is an important use of these devices that detect the leakage in the pipes. Leakage detection is important to cut the unnecessary wastage of fluids and to control the cost. These meters work to prevent the leakage of fluids by notifying through the alarms.

Maintain pressure

Maintaining a favorable pressure level during the flow of liquids is also important. Suppose the flow is not appropriate as per the required pressure, then the quality of production could hamper. So, the liquid flow measuring meters also work to direct and regulate the flow of liquids.

Accurate fluid measuring

The liquid fluid measuring devices are made to withstand the inconsistencies of weather and types of fluids. These devices can provide accurate flow rate measurement with variations in temperature and pressure.

Types of liquid flow sensors


These devices work to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases. You can use them for measuring the volumetric flow rate of liquids. These devices are sometimes referred to as variable area flowmeters as well. They are comprised of a tapered tube with a float and work to measure fluid when it passes through the tube. These meters allow the cross-sectional area of fluid flowing to measure its flow rate.

Turbine meters

When it comes to measuring the fluids by their speed, the use of turbine meters takes place. These meters work with a simple mechanism that contains rotating blades. These blades move as the fluid passes through the body of the meter. The rotation of blades depends upon the speed of liquids flowing inside. However, these meters work for measuring clean liquids and provide accurate measurements.

Electromagnetic meter

This is the best-in-class meter that works by measuring the flow rate of liquids using a magnetic field. It measures the liquid velocity by triggering an action to generate voltage. The magnetic field of this meter has a sensor that works to detect the voltage generated. This voltage is generated when the fluid passes through the magnetic field. But, this meter cannot work with clean water as it requires liquids with conductivity. The accuracy of these meters is also superior.

Coriolis meter

When you have to measure the mass flow rate of liquids, you can use this meter. It works by measuring the mass flow rate of fluids when passes through the tube of the meter. These are the accurate meters that are used by many industries and require utmost accuracy.

To Sum Up

The use of liquid flowmeters is prominent in industries for measuring flow rates. These devices are available in the market with a precise measuring guarantee. But, their working might be different due to the specific properties of fluids.So, it is necessary to make a wise choice when implementing a meter for fluid measurement. It is good to get these devices from certified suppliers only to ensure accuracy, consistency, and low maintenance.

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