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Top Desktop Wallets to Store Ethereum

Desktop crypto wallets for storing Ethereum are much more reliable compared to cloud services and exchange wallets. The risk of a targeted hacker attack specifically on your device is several times lower compared to large online storages.

The number of potential vulnerabilities is also less. In addition, the software can be installed on a removable hard drive or a separate device that will not be permanently connected to the Internet. That is, a software wallet is formally classified as a hot storage, but technically it is easy to make it cold.

The best desktop crypto wallets

Any rating is subjective to some extent. The best storage is the one that best meets your expectations and goals. Please note that as the market has evolved, many originally desktop crypto wallets have become cross-platform.


Mist was created by the Ethereum development team. The software is compatible with the most popular operating systems Mac OS, Linux, Windows. The user has full control over their private keys.

In addition to the typical functions of receiving, transferring and storing coins, Mist provides the ability to write smart contracts. It is also integrated with the ShapeShift crypto exchange. This means that the exchange of 0.07 ETH to USD or other coins is made directly from the wallet.

For beginners, Mist may seem too complicated, it is more suitable for advanced users.


Unlike the previous TOP participant, Jaxx has an intuitive interface and is quite suitable for the role of the first crypto wallet. It is available in desktop, browser and mobile versions. If you would like to unify all your wallets – with Jaxx it is possible.

For each transaction, Jaxx generates a new address, making it difficult to track the movement of funds. Overall, however, its safety record is somewhat lower than many of its competitors.

Jaxx has built-in functionality for trading on the ShapeShift crypto exchange. This is convenient, but an additional fee is charged for each transaction.


The intuitive interface of Exodus will please you at the very beginning of your acquaintance with cryptocurrencies. As you accumulate coins and experience, you will be able to appreciate its additional services. Exodus is also available on mobile.

Access keys can be stored on your own device, and you can also create a backup copy of the wallet in case the main device is lost or stolen.

The Exodus team cooperates with several popular exchanges. The result of cooperation was a built-in functionality for trading cryptocurrencies. Still, Exodus isn’t perfect. Two-factor authentication is not provided, and transaction fees are above average


Guarda Wallet is available in desktop, mobile, browser and web versions. Another advantage is the open source code, which makes it possible to independently check the degree of security of the wallet. Guarda supports internal exchange functions. Moreover, it implements the possibility of buying digital coins from debit cards. An additional advantage over competitors is an efficient support service.

Keep in mind that transaction fees are quite high and evaluate how acceptable this is for you.

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi is available for download in desktop and mobile versions. It is easy to install and use. This is a huge plus for first time users. Access keys are stored on the user’s device, and a system for restoring access in case of loss of the key is also provided.

Coinomi has a built-in cryptocurrency exchange functionality without registration on third-party marketplaces. However, you can’t do without them if you need to convert even 0.015 ETH to USD or buy some crypto for fiat money.

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