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Top 10 Keyword Research Tools to Boost Amazon Sales

If you think that just placing your product on Amazon is going to bring you amazing sales, I have bad news for you! This is not going to happen. There is a lot more you need to do to reach the potential customers than just putting up your product for sale. You need to understand the requirements of your potential customers.

However, that may not be easy. Once I had a customer in my office who wanted to use an office computer system to check optimum online price. Customers can be quite unreasonable at times, even the online ones. Thankfully, you can use Amazon’s keyword tools to understand your customers and their needs in a better way. They increase your product visibility and ultimately boost your sales.

So, here I have listed the top 10 Amazon keyword research tools to help you with your Amazon sales.


If you have to rely on a single Amazon tool, this one can be your best choice. This app is top-rated among seller apps because of its easy keyword research; it gives the exact search volume. Also, it gives the rate of relevance with the seed keyword, and the CPC rate.

Whoever visits Amazon, he/she is already a potential buyer as they only visit when they are searching to buy. If your product is visible to the potential buyer, half of your work here is already done. It is quite simple too. All it does is use detailed keyword research and copywriting skills which make your product visible when the searcher puts in similar keywords.


This tool is for professional use and it helps improve the selling rate of products on Amazon. You should be choosing this product because of two main reasons.

Firstly, the feature that makes it stand out among other Amazon tools is the quality it offers in research results. The reason is the usage of advanced filters. Secondly, it gets your work done speedily. A few clicks and you can sort out and even group the results. That being said, it doesn’t have as fast the speed as do the tools like Helium 10 and AmaSuite.


Marketers all over the world are using this tool to improve their earning by selling their products. With this, you can create phrases that are specifically for your products, and add them to the info section.

Because it requires beginner level expertise to be used, this tool is perfect for sellers with less experience. Also, sellers can improve their sales rates with the help of creating product-specific phrases.

AMA Suite

This tool lets you check the best-selling products and services name, and you can compare the information to see the new releases or the best-rated features. There are more than 67,200 categories available on Amazon, and this tool sorts out the latest selling trends for you. It is ideal for big companies, as it can do quick optimization of large amounts of data.

Keyword Inspector

It empowers you if you are an Amazon associate because it allows members to analyze the best-rated keywords, based on daily and weekly researches. It is free to use, but the members must buy credits from the application to attain subscription for the application they want to work with.

Keyword Tool Dominator

If the overall user total of a tool can be used to measure its success or usefulness, this one is used by a lot more than 15,000 users. You can choose the tool from YouTube, Amazon, or even Google tools based on your needs. It has a database that auto-completes and gives you the best keyword advice depending on the data collected by real users. This program is ideal for you if you want real information to rely on. The best part is that it is absolutely free.

Keyword Tool

If you want to use a simple keyword search tool that can easily switch between your app-store, google, or Amazon tabs, you should use this one. This tool generates the most useful keywords to help you with your selling services and products. You can generate up to ten keyword hints in one search. It can also track the greatest ranking keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

Talking about highly effective advertising tools, Google AdWords is an awesome way to gain the required research data. One of its many useful features is Google Keyword Planner. You can keep a check on new keywords trends daily, but you need to be adaptive to the changes. Keywords are checked by Google Keyword Planner which are picked from Google search engine. It might not work well if you make it search for keywords for Amazon.


This is an extension of Google Chrome. It will give you hints related to real Amazon search queries and results, placed by real people. Sellers can look for the most useful keywords based on Amazon queries, and include them in their ads to generate better search results. The user-level is for beginners, so you cannot completely rely on it, but use it at the beginning of your business to learn the rules of the trade. You can learn to use simple things like using long-tailed keywords like Optimum Price online, and also the shorter ones like TDS price.

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