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The Current Automatic Cartoning Machines Market and Problems

The high-speed automatic cartoning machine is suitable for packing medicine plates, vials, ampoules and similar items. Compared with traditional cartoning machines, high-speed cartoning machines are more efficient due to frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control of the human-machine interface. They can automatically complete the folding of leaflets, carton opening, product insertion, printing batch numbers, sealing the carton, and other tasks. The equipment can currently be used alone or connected to other equipment to form a production line.

At present, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, high-speed packing machines will also usher in good development opportunities, and manufacturing companies will further obtain greater business opportunities. However, the industry has responded that the current high-speed packing machine still has many problems and needs to be improved.

Problems with high-speed cartoning machines

High-speed packing machines on the market generally have the following problems:

  1. the quality of the carton is not up to standard, causing packaging difficulties. It is understood that the materials of many cartons are unqualified, inferior materials are used, or low-quality materials are mixed, which can easily cause the packaging to be difficult to smooth.
  2. the structural design of the packing machine is unreasonable, the parts processing is not standard, and the assembly is not in place. Improper debugging, unstable operation, not up to the scheduled production capacity.
  3. since most of the high-speed packing machine companies are produced in small workshops, the supporting equipment is relatively poor, and the parts are not interchangeable, making it more troublesome for users to purchase accessories.
  4. the packaging varieties of packing are complex, and it is difficult to adapt to packing. At present, the varieties of medicines on the market are becoming more and more diversified, and the corresponding packing machines also need to improve their adaptability.
  5. the manufacturers of equipment that require front- and back-end connections are becoming more and more integrated, and the connection increases the difficulty of work. Integrated production has increasingly become a production model for pharmaceutical companies to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs, which also poses challenges to packing machine companies.

Improvement method

So, how should the above problems be improved? Personnel from companies with high-speed packing machines made the following sharing:

  • Improve the models, and gradually divide them into categories and summarize them into standard machines.
  • Form large-scale production, and use tooling, molds, and inspection tools to build industrialization.
  • high-speed cartoning machine enterprises should seize market demand, increase investment in scientific research, and develop the connection integration of cartoning machines to meet the integrated production needs of users and reduce enterprise costs.
  • The industry believes that pharmaceutical companies cannot rely on paper costs alone to reduce consumption. They should increase the rate from the speed and adopt paper that meets the requirements to ensure the efficiency of speed.
  • Improve the standardized design of pharmaceutical factories, and implement different packaging specifications for the same specifications, which is easy to waste the cost and resources of both parties. In this regard, the industry recommends that the country should introduce relevant standards and unify the packaging specifications.

All in all, in the era of rapid modern development and fierce industry competition, high-speed cartoning machines can not only save enterprises a lot of time and labor intensity but also greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, the production and use of high-speed cartoning machines can complete many tasks that people cannot perform manually, etc., and help pharmaceutical companies solve many problems. In the future, the high-speed cartoning machine market will definitely achieve better development. In terms of market opportunities, manufacturing companies still need to break through the current bottlenecks in several aspects, strengthen R&D and innovation, and create higher-quality and high-stability high-speed packing machine products to help pharmaceutical companies better meet their needs.

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