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Smart Ways to Prevent Mistakes While Typing


Worried About Making Mistakes when you type?

  • Typing Errors occur when one scrawls his or her assignment or writing tasks.
  • Error rates usually range from 1% to 3.2%when professional typists type documents.

Slowly Increase Your Speed

  • If you are new to typing or struggle to type fast, work your way slowly up the ladder
  • Maintain the home row position and place your fingers on ASDF JKL; keys
  • Press the keys only with the fingers for which they are reserved
  • Do not look at the keyboard while typing
  • Increase your speed when you hit the right keys out of habit at a particular tempo

Sitting Posture and Finger Movement

  • Keep your back straight with elbow bent at a right angle
  • Keep the shoulder and arm at a comfortable position
  • Maintain a distance of 45-70 cm between your eyes and screen
  • Return to the Home position after you have hit specific keys
  • Practice hitting the keys at regular intervals
  • Use the thumb to press the Space bar
  • Employ the pinky finger to hit the SHIFT key

Avoid Errors

Once you start following the rules stated above, stick to the following steps

  • Take your time to avoid the mistakes at first
  • Scan a paragraph once you have written it and proceed to the next
  • Proofread your write-up manually, once you have completed it
  • Take the help of online proofreading tools like Grammarly, Ginger Software, Paper Rater
  • Use free grammar checker tools like co.uk, LanguageTool, Jetpack
  • Check your progress after each week and make a note of the issues that is persisting

Typing Software

Apart from the grammar and proofreading services specific software, you can take the help of the typing software listed below.

  • KeyBlaze

This free typing software imparts typing lessons through GUI interface

  • Typing Trainer

This freeware analyses your typing speed and offers feedback

  • Max Type Pro

This freeware is ideal for enhancing typing speed with accuracy, and you will get practice sessions and weekly reports

  • Type Faster

This is the best platform for practicing ‘touch typing’, i.e. typing without looking at the keyboard

  • Stamina Typing Tutor

This software offers a virtual keyboard and is concerned with the accuracy of typing

  • Letter Chase Typing Tutor

The software is aimed at imparting knowledge related to character and numeric keys

  • TIPP 10 Typing Software

It offers a free course and the person taking the lesson can form his own practice session. The development is displayed on the screen itself, each day.

  • GNU Typist

This open-source software offers typing lessons in multiple languages

  • Datatype Online

This online typing tutor allows you to compete with each other and track your progress. It has an extremely user-friendly interface.

You should abide by the guidelines and take help of the tools to improve your typing accuracy



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