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Complete guide And Shoplazza Review In 2023

Shoplazza Review

Complete guide And shoplazza review will be described in this article. Choosing the best e-commerce system for your company can be challenging and requires much study. So, in this section, we’ll examine Shoplazza as one such choice.

Complete guide And Shoplazza Review In 2023

In this article, you can know about Shoplazza Review here are the details below;

We’re delving deeply into this eCommerce platform to extract all the information you require to make an informed choice for your online stores. Without further ado, let’s get started because there is a lot to discuss.

Shoplazza Review: about Shoplazza.Com

Shoplazza, a marketing and eCommerce SaaS that stands out, was introduced in 2017. Shoplazza offers all you need to build scalable DTC brands and B2C ecommerce enterprises accommodating corporate rules, training, and culture to launch your brand quickly on the international market, in contrast to many of its rivals.

On its website, a variety of clients who market a wide range of goods are listed, including watches, gadgets, wellness items, and more. Shoplazza powers more than 360,000 online retailers in more than 150 countries as of this writing. Also check Safest Way to Hold Cryptocurrency 

Shoplazza’s has received a fair amount of praise so far. For instance, it has received recognition from PayPal as the Best Shopping Cart Partner of 2020 and has been highlighted in Forbes magazine. The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Shoplazza Review: Shoplazza’s Pros and Cons

Let’s review the platform’s salient advantages and disadvantages:


For established companies looking to switch their online stores from other eCommerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify, Shoplazza is a great choice.

Shoplazza provides a free migration tool that will import your items, comments, blog, and more. You can locate it in your dashboard.

Shoplazza’s website builder, ERP, CMS, and marketing tools are all included in all of its plans.

Shoplazza is a superb all-arounder for both novice and seasoned business owners due to its user-friendliness and richness of features.

Technical or coding expertise is not required.

You receive a solitary dashboard.

It’s an excellent choice for leading a bigger team.

Free stock images are available for you to use on your website.

Before you commit to a premium plan with Shoplazza, you can take advantage of a free 7-day trial.


New store owners may find it difficult to become familiar with all of Shoplazza’s capabilities due to the platform’s immense number of functions. Also check Independent Magazines

It takes some getting used to using the platform.

The self-help manual for creating and running your store is a little out of date.

There are fewer preset themes accessible than those of competitors, especially since you cannot upload your own or buy more.

On TrustPilot and other online review sites, Shoplazza has gotten some rather unfavourable comments.

However, the majority of complaints don’t seem to be about Shoplazza specifically, but rather customers who have made purchases from phoney websites that con artists have built.

Shoplazza Review: Pricing

Shoplazza has a number of price options.

You can first test a 7-day free trial before having to decide between one of the following (paid monthly in USD):

Basic – $28: This plan is designed for those who are just beginning their eCommerce business.

Your eCommerce store can be set up here, and you can host as many products as you like.

All options include access to all third-party integrations, 24/7 customer support, and a free consultation.

All options include a Facebook Messenger live chat app, gift cards, free policy templates, professional reports, website and content SEO capabilities, and discount codes.

Only six staff accounts can be created, and a 2% commission on sales is required.

Advanced – $59: This package is intended for companies that are prepared to start the process of expanding their store.

You obtain the aforementioned.

Your commission charge, however, is now just 1%.

Premier – $99: This is designed for businesses that have grown and require additional staff accounts.

Once more, you receive everything mentioned above.

But the cost of the commission is only 0.6%, and you can create up to 15 staff accounts.

Enterprise – $189: This bundle is best suited for larger companies seeking to expand even further.

100 staff accounts are unlocked along with a 0.3% commission charge.

Pro – $218: You gain from everything stated above.

The commission charge, though, is now only 0.2%.

Shoplazza Review: Setting Up Your Shoplazza Store

To begin with, you must create an account on Shoplazza’s home page.

Then, you’ll be requested to answer a few questions about your firm.

You’re then directed to your Shoplazza dashboard.

From here, you may add your products, fiddle with your store’s theme, alter your shipping and payment choices, etc.

Once you’re happy with your ecommerce shop, congrats – you’re set to go!

Shoplazza permits you to select from 26 free, trendy, customisable themes.

Once you’ve picked a template, you may edit its layout, add your logo and photographs, and tweak the colour scheme.

The drag and drop builder in Shoplazza may be used to construct product collections and checkout pages as well.

The system is based on cards.

Uninitiated users can drag and drop these blocks onto web sites to add more functionality.

Cards for social media, marketing, the cart, navigation, and other topics are available.

Additionally, you are able to link a unique domain name to your Shoplazza store.

The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Shoplazza Review: Manage Your Team

With Shoplazza, you have total control over who makes alterations to your website.

To protect the privacy & security of your store, you can create up to 100 employee accounts with different levels of access.

You can also create various “roles” based on the tasks performed by your team.

You could, for instance, designate a financial position to manage and arrange income and expenses.

Similar to that, you could also have operational jobs that emphasise logistical issues.

The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Shoplazza eview: Shoplazza a CMS and ERP

The abbreviation “CMS” stands for “content control system,” as you may already be aware.

You can: With Shoplazza’s CMS, among many other things:

Based on user activity, manage your mailing list and email campaigns.

According to a customer’s interest in a certain product, you could, for instance, deliver content to that customer automatically.

As opposed to this, Shoplazza’s ERP (enterprise resource management) allows you to automate everything from inventory levels and billing to exports and shipping data.

Since you can organise everything from one single location, this is especially useful if you’re running many stores.

The following aspects of your company can be automated and managed with the help of Shoplazza’s ERP:

Accounting Management of orders

Production and shipping

As a result, you can monitor orders, shipments, and sales information from the backend of your e-commerce website.

Additionally, you may check SKUs, keep an eye on inventory levels, and restock supplies.

Additionally, you can handle payment issues.

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Shoplazza Review: Marketing and SEO

Your product catalogue and your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns can be coordinated using Shoplazza.

Therefore, you can incorporate products directly from your website into your Facebook ad when you wish to launch a new Facebook advertising campaign.

Additionally, you may automatically create your Facebook store and import content from it.

This saves a tonne of time and significantly helps your website and social media pictures blend together.

Shoplazza works with well-known email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Klaviyo, Stream, and Mailcamp when it comes to email marketing.

Alternately, you can manage and maintain your mailing list using Shoplazza’s own emailing facility.

From the dashboard, you can access a list of templates for various client events, such as discounts, invitations for subscriptions, and emails for abandoned carts.

These templates are editable, allowing you to add your own text, graphics, and logos.

However, if you want more creative control over your email designs, one of the email marketing plugins described above is probably a better option for you.

Finally, you may integrate Google Analytics with your store to help with SEO.

Additionally, Shoplazza lets you add metadata (a meta title and description) for your homepage, which is a wonderful spot to put the keywords you want to rank for.

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Shoplazza Review: Customer Payment Options

Customers gain access to all major payment systems when they make a purchase from your Shoplazza store, including:

Additionally, you can employ specialised payment methods available in other nations, such as the Japanese, European, and Latin American markets, to make sure that your brand is available to consumers around the world.

Shoplazza actually accepts customers from 150 different nations and territories.

Even better, your website will automatically determine the visitor’s location based on their IP address and translate your rates into their currency.

Last but not least, Shoplazza enables integrations with “buy now, pay later” services like Atome and Affirm.

The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Shoplazza Review: Print-on-demand

For those who are unaware, print-on-demand is a cheap business strategy that lets you sell unique products without incurring high startup costs.

Generally speaking, you supply your own design when working with a POD supplier.

After that, they will ship it directly to your consumers on your behalf after printing it onto the selected goods.

As a result, things are only produced and dispatched when a consumer places an order, rather than keeping a large inventory of all of your stock.

Two print-on-demand services are integrated with Shoplazza.

Let’s quickly review each:


HugePOD, in contrast to many other POD providers, offers a 3D drag-and-drop design tool to give you a more accurate representation of the finished product.

Anywhere on your chosen product(s), even the full cover design that covers the entire item, can have a unique design added.

Set a product pricing and start selling it on your internet store as soon as you’re satisfied with the design.

The order is then manufactured and sent directly to your consumers by HugePOD when you make a transaction.

Many different goods are available for customization, including:

T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, bags, masks, hats, and more, including a line of children’s clothing, home goods, and environmentally friendly goods.

You only pay when a consumer places an order with you; there is no start-up fee. You keep the markup you earn.


This business focuses in dropshipping, but they also provide a POD service that lets you personalise and market products:

You can customise the product by including your logo and other details.

For instance, a specific message or a customer’s name.

You can scale up or down to meet demand because there is no minimum order requirement.

Your brand can be printed or engraved on a combination of materials, such as wood, metal, woven cloth, and plastic, by CJdropshipping.

In addition to the ink and labour costs, which vary depending on the item, you must pay $1 for each item.

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Shoplazza Review:Customer Service

Shoplazza provides a number of self-help tools to assist you in creating and running your store.

Their website’s support section includes a blog, an online assistance centre, and a partner centre.

Most queries should be resolved using these resources.

In addition, the Shoplazza crew and other users can be contacted through a user community forum.

However, you can reach Shoplazza directly at any time via email or chatbot if you need assistance right away.

Even with their most affordable pricing plan, Shoplazza will offer you a free consultation when you initially register an account.

The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Shoplazza: Our Final Verdict

Considering the breadth and depth of Shoplazza’s offerings, even with its commission price, we would bet that Shoplazza is a wise investment.

It’s a reputable business that provides appealing, modern, and adaptable themes and has garnered significant honours.

The integrations of Shoplazza are what give it variety.

You can select and combine the integrations you require to build a fully functional store that provides you and your customers with everything you require.

In other words, Shoplazza offers a full range of e-commerce services for setting up and managing your online store.

Are you prepared to launch your online store utilising

Tell us in the comments section, and we’ll talk soon!

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