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Best AI Media Monitoring Tools To Track Mentions In 2024

Best AI Media Monitoring Tools To Track Mentions will be described in this article. The 2024 game-changers are media monitoring technologies driven by AI. They are able to track mentions, examine them, and derive useful information. Doesn’t that sound amazing? However, not all internet spying programmes include AI capabilities. Now let’s see which tool is a good investment!

Software programmes that track and examine public mentions on key social media platforms and channels are known as media monitoring tools. They gather references to particular words, phrases, products, or subjects.

These days, some technologies come with sophisticated AI functions that evaluate data and make decisions on their own.

Best AI Media Monitoring Tools To Track Mentions In 2024

In this article, you can know about AI Media Monitoring Tools  here are the details below;

01 Brand24

Brand24 is a media monitoring platform driven by artificial intelligence that analyses mentions and provides useful insights.

More than 25,000 sources are tracked by the service, including blogs, review sites, podcasts, online news, newsletters, and forums. Additionally, it monitors mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, Twitch, Reddit, and Quora among other social media platforms.

You may track talks with Brand24 to determine if they are neutral, negative, or favourable.

The tool will also indicate to you the subjects that the intended audience finds interesting, the feelings that they experience, and suggestions for improving your online visibility.

The best part is that the programme compiles your monitoring project into a summary, saving you the trouble of analysing media mentions yourself. It saves a tonne of time.

This is an illustration of a summary:

An illustration of a project summary for media monitoring seen in the Brand24 tool’s

Key features:

  • Monitoring of online media in real time
  • sentiment analysis with AI
  • Calculated reach, both social and non-social
  • Analysis of speech AI topic share
  • Emoji analysis and emotions
  • AI trends, observations, and suggestions
  • Comparing and keeping track of competitors
  • Geographic analysis
  • Scores for presence and reputation
  • Links and hashtags that are trending
  • Influencer identification


What about Brand24 appeals to you the most?

We truly appreciate that it is among the most affordable social listening solutions available, that you can keep an eye on all the terms and phrases you are interested in in real time, that you can manage several projects within your dashboard, and that it is also quite affordable.

02 Awario

Awario is a simple, low-cost media monitoring programme. It’s a wise decision for small businesses. The application monitors and examines mentions on a range of internet channels, such as social media, news websites, blogs, forums, and the internet. Sadly, it doesn’t keep an eye on LinkedIn, TikTok, or Telegram.

Setting up personalised notifications for particular keywords or subjects is possible using the platform. Sentiment analysis is also used to classify mentions as neutral, negative, or positive.

Key features:

  • Monitoring of media in real time
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Analysing competitors
  • Identification of Influencers


03 Mention

Mention is a simple and reasonably priced media monitoring programme. The tool monitors a wide range of sources, including social media channels, blogs, forums, and news. Sadly, it doesn’t keep an eye on Quora, Twitch, or LinkedIn.

By offering mentions analytics, the tool lets customers monitor their reach and interaction. Interestingly, you may plan and post to social media using Mention.

Additionally, you can track the online activities of your rivals and evaluate how well they performed.

Key features:

  • Online surveillance in real time
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social media oversight

Mention is an online and social media monitoring tool for managing social media accounts.


04 Brandwatch

For business clients, Brandwatch is a media monitoring tool. This media monitoring application provides tools for advanced analytics. Not only will Brandwatch gather and evaluate the data instantly.

They created the Vizia social media intelligence platform, which will provide you with useful information to advance your business.

It’s interesting to note that Brandwatch has picture recognition software that lets consumers monitor mentions of their brands or goods in images.

Influencers that have a big impact on audience engagement and brand impression can be found and tracked with the aid of this tool.

Key features:

  • Customer data
  • Social media oversight
  • Influencer advertising

One of the best tools for monitoring the media is Brandwatch.


05 Google Alerts

Basic and free is Google Alerts. It enables users to get alerts when fresh content on the internet matches their search queries.

Mentions in news articles, blog posts, websites, and social media can trigger these notifications.

Key features:

  • Alerts based on keywords
  • Filtering of sources
  • Notifications via email

It’s crucial to remember that Google Alerts has its limitations, particularly when contrasted with more sophisticated, AI-powered media monitoring programmes.

Among these restrictions are:

  • Limited monitoring depth: Not all references on social media sites or in specialised industry sources may be picked up by Google Alerts.
  • Absence of advanced analytics: Other than alerting users to new mentions, the tool offers no analytics or insights.
  • Absence of sentiment analysis: The mentions’ sentiment is not examined by Google Alerts.
  • Simple UI: There isn’t much room for customisation or filtering choices in this tool’s extremely simple interface.

Google Alerts

06 BrandMentions

Real-time monitoring capabilities and extensive coverage are two of BrandMentions’ best-known features. The application monitors review websites, blogs, news, forums, and social media.

Real-time updates on brand mentions and keywords are provided by the tool. In order to interpret the tone of the mentions, feeling is also included.

You can use BrandMentions to find influential people and important thought leaders in particular fields or subjects. You can also keep an eye on rivals’ web presence and evaluate how they are covered by the media.

Key features:

  • Monitoring in real time
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Identification of Influencers
  • Notifications and alerts

One of the greatest tools for media monitoring is BrandMentions.


07 Talkwalker

Another powerful product that targets corporate and enterprise-level accounts with results is Talkwalker. Also check How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tech Mentorship

Brands & agencies can use the medium to monitor and evaluate media coverage, brand mentions, and online conversations. To determine how the general public feels about a brand or subject, sentiment analysis is one of its features.

In 187 languages, Talkwalker offers owned and earned media coverage. With the use of cutting-edge AI, the tool can present the most significant and influential facts.

Real-time data analysis is done by the tool. Two years’ worth of historical data is also available to you.

Press release tracking is a great use for it. A strong analytics platform would be appreciated by your PR specialists.

The base price for the Basic package is $6,000. Requests for information regarding the corporate and enterprise plans can be made.

Key features:

  • media observation
  • Benchmarking socially
  • insights from the audience
  • Sentiment analysis

One of the greatest tools for monitoring media is Talkwalker.


Why use AI-powered online monitoring tools?

Prowly is a PR tool and media monitoring programme specifically designed for the PR sector.

Digital marketing was revolutionised by AI tools. They expedite and automate the task. Consequently, an increasing number of businesses select them.

There are many benefits to using a media monitoring tool driven by AI.

  • AI systems can save time by processing enormous volumes of monitoring data faster than humans can. For instance, the Reebook brand saw 27,000 mentions in the previous 30 days. After processing the data effectively, Brand24 determined which subjects were the most popular.

subjects examined by the Brand24 utility

  • The ability of the tool to examine key performance indicators, like sentiment, reach, AVE, and mention count, is fantastic. Simply copy and paste those insights into your report, that’s all.

Trends in AI identified by the Brand24 utility

  • Real-time insights from AI-powered tools let you react quickly to new trends, opportunities, or problems. Here are a few detailed observations:

AI insights that the Brand24 tool identified

  • AI-powered systems are able to identify emotions in addition to analysing the sentiment of mentions. I was able to determine through emotions analysis that Reebok primarily evokes good feelings on the Internet, such delight and admiration:

Brand24’s examination of emotions

  • You can stop wondering which source is the most effective thanks to sophisticated AI media monitoring tools. It will be completed for you by the tool. For instance, TikTok and news websites had the highest reach-efficiency for Reebok:

Analysing reach using the Brand24 tool

  • Sentiment analysis driven by AI will assist you in promptly locating the origins of unfavourable mentions.

The Brand24 tool’s analysis of negative sentiment

  • Not to mention, a media monitoring service might provide you with useful information. Reebok ought to think about improving its social media marketing efforts that highlight well-received merchandise, such as the Reebok NANO X2 ADVENTURE and the Eames Office x Reebok line. In summary, deeper insights are provided by AI-powered solutions compared to simple media monitoring techniques. They transform data into easy-to-understand conclusions. You therefore took less time to analyse.

Final thoughts

There are numerous options for media monitoring. However, not everyone will achieve your objectives and standards. All-in-one tools such as Sprout Social may seem like a good choice initially, but its media monitoring feature may not be optimized due to its numerous marketing features. On the other hand, basic tools like Awario and Mention do not track all important sources.

So, which tool to choose? Here are some tips:

Choose a tool that offers complete coverage across different online channels, including social media, news websites, blogs, forums, podcasts, newsletters, and reviews.

Opt for a tool that provides real-time monitoring and customizable alerts. Check whether the tool is developing AI features that will deliver custom insights, trends, and recommendations for your project.

A user-friendly interface is essential. The tool should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Choose a tool that provides robust analytics that tracks the volume of mentions, sentiment, social and non-social reach, share of voice, influencer score, AVE, reputation, and presence scores.

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