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Leverage Technology To Improve Your Business & Marketing Strategies

Technology has overturned the traditional ways of business operations and leads them to transform themselves for the future. This ultimate transformation is helping many businesses stay afloat even in the most challenging competitions. Furthermore, all of us already know that technology has started taking major strides to make things better in the future. Thus, it must be utilized to every extent to avoid the looming uncertainties in a business’s path of success.

Having witnessed the changes technology has brought to the world in the form of the World Wide Web, internet connectivity, touch screen smartphones, and various other high-tech instruments, it begs the question. When and what’s going to be the next breakthrough to revolutionize the businesses. The digitization of companies over the decade, especially in 2020-2021, makes it quite adamant that leveraging the latest technology fosters immense growth and innovation.

Digital marketing is just another example of evolution, and around 80% of marketing experts believe that tech spending will remain unchanged or go up in the future. Thus, this guide will create awareness on how technological development is transforming businesses and marketing methods. And how you can leverage the latest technology for the growth of your business with the help of digital marketing.

Benefits Of Technology For Businesses In The Modern Era

Innovation through technology has drastically changed the entire business industry. Here are a few fantastic radical changes most businesses have experienced over time.

  • Marketing cost reduction
  • Better reach globally
  • Instant communication with clients and customers
  • More storage space for data than ever
  • Secure data storage for all
  • Increased effectivity of marketing and promotions
  • Better interaction among all
  • Streamlined processes reducing the time and effort for all
  • Simplifies buying and selling process
  • Higher sales and conversions
  • Real-time monitoring and scalable content engagement metrics
  • Instant and easy 24/7 customer support for the clientele
  • Improved internal operation
  • Better in-house communication

Having witnessed the rapid growth of businesses with the help of technology, now it’s hard to imagine the immense level of development without technology. It would have taken centuries to achieve the level where we stand today!

If you are new to technological advancements or struggling to implement them, here is what you need to do.

Adapt The Changes  And Become A Tech-Savvy

These things will help you adapt to the new technology and tools for business growth, whether for marketing or in-house operations.

Understand Your Business Needs

It would help if you had a thorough grasp of your business needs before settling for the most satisfactory technological solution. Discuss with your staff to understand their need and then determine the right tool. This will help you save money and enhance the productivity of your team.

Test You Technological Tools Thoroughly Before Final Implementation

The use of technology intends to make businesses faster, wiser, and more efficient than ever. However, the lack of proficiency when using any tool may bring adverse effects for the company. Thus, before introducing a new resource for the business or marketing, it is essential to test it thoroughly. For reference, using in-house software may breach the security of information if misused. Or, a paid digital marketing campaign wrongly run may end up eating up all your funds and bringing no leads or conversion.

It is essential to identify the potential flaws before publicly implementing the tools or strategy to avoid adverse effects.

Train Your Staff To Become Tech-Savvy In All Business-Related Aspects

Training is the most critical part of transitions. First, you need to familiarize yourself with these new tools and then train your staff for the best utilization of resources. Adapting the change but not knowing it completely halts the productivity of departments and wastes money spent to improve efficiency.

For instance, if you have bought new software for attendance management, train your staff on how they need to use it. Similarly, if you have purchased an SEO tool for the marketing department, let them take a course on how to use it most beneficially or let a professional train them for best utilization. Recurring training sessions will help your entire team learn more over time until they are entirely aware of the new technology.

Now that you know the best way forward, here are a few latest technological tools that will instantly turn you into a tech-savvy business and strengthen your marketing strategies.

Use of AI-Artificial Intelligence & ML-Machine Learning

Today, you can find a multitude of technological gadgets and resources that are highly AI-enabled.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most significant factors for the growth of digital businesses. Using AI to revamp the online business platforms, businesses operations, and digital marketing strategies can turn tables for the company in no time. The AI-enabled tech businesses are estimated to be worth $190B by 2025.

AI has already penetrated our business operation and marketing strategies, but ML-Machine learning is yet to come. AI and ML combined can change business operations and marketing forever with wholly automated systems and reduced workforce expenses. But, the customer satisfaction achieved with these implementations will help the business grow immensely.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation is done through technological tools. The strategy enables businesses to understand their audience, preferences, buying behavior, and so much more. This automation helps the company formulate a robust system that is based entirely on customer needs. The four things marketing automation provides businesses include:

  • behavioral tracking
  • Individuals’ interaction tracking with the company or brand’s marketing
  • Utilization of data for automation of personalized marketing experiences
  • Usage of the outcomes to generate revenue for the company

Automated marketing helps businesses scale the results best, where various tools come into play for determining success. Once you get started with this strategy, you learn more and more on the way.

ChatBots For Instant Customer Support

As technology and AI becomes a significant investment for businesses in 2021, chatbots are a major factor driving business communications. Today, 1 in every five customers is using chatbots for making purchases. This is because customers are digitally active at all times and require businesses to be available 24/7. However, this isn’t possible for all companies, but chatbots make an absolute exception by providing 24/7 availability for the customers.

Chatbots are one of the most revolutionary tools for digital marketing. They streamline the communication process, retrieve customer data, and save for future usage without missing any information. Moreover, they provide complete assistance to the customers wait till the next working shift/day.

Voice Search Optimization

Today, over 32.2% of the US population uses voice assistants monthly, while 27% of the google searches are done through Google voice search. The number of the audience clearly defines why businesses are incorporating voice search optimization in the business strategy. No one could have thought of this fantastic voice search technology and AI incorporation with google searches, yet we are experiencing it.

If you haven’t optimized your web content for voice search, it is high time to do it. Create content in a conversational tone using long-tail keywords to fulfill Google’s criteria. According to Google, more than 70% of voice searches are casual, and to provide results for these searches, Google looks up similar results. If your voice search optimized content matches the guidelines from Google, your website is much likely to appear on top of the SERPs.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms bear great potential and unique tools for boosting the pace of your business growth. It helps you grow your business by creating online platforms for you, and the marketing campaigns over social outlets allow you to increase sales, conversions, and lead generation. It is up to you whether you grow your business with social media marketing or leverage marketing for business growth; it works both ways.

As we speak of technology, social media is loaded with tech and AI resources that work seamlessly. Due to a massive number of users, it receives loads of data every day, every second. This means social media platforms have all the information needed to form their perfect digital marketing strategy. When you run a paid campaign over social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the platform uses this data to distribute the marketing content to users with the most relatable queries. Isn’t that amazing?

Wrapping Up:

Research tells that agile companies generate 37% faster and 30% higher ROI than non-agile companies. Additionally, by 2025, the world will see an utterly digitized business industry. Thus, it is essential for businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, and small startups to leverage technology for ultimate growth. The tools, resources, and tips discussed in this guide will help you transform, become agile, and grow more efficiently.

Furthermore, technology is vital to your company’s day-to-day operations and helps you expand and succeed when used efficiently in a strategic approach. You can adjust strategy and marketing techniques according to your company’s needs. So that with the proper tools, you can deliver outstanding customer service, decrease operating expenses and increase income. Also, Marketing combines technology and AI to increase business value and its ability to evolve faster.

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