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How To Spark Interest With Your Pitch Deck Examples

Pitching your business idea is a bit like driving through the night. Only you can see the road ahead while everyone around you has their lights off. You’ll need to be careful, precise, and alert to get where you’re going safely. The same thing applies when pitching your business ideas for financing because having a solid plan and great pitch deck examples is the only way of having your ideas taken seriously. Here’s how to make sure you’re ready for any eventuality:

Pitch Deck Content: Generating Interest With Your Pitch Deck Template

This first type of slide is the one that will grab interest and get people wondering. It needs to be short, concise, and attention-grabbing; nothing more. It might be a provocative statistic, an unusual fact, or even just a question.

Pitch Deck Content: Targeting your Audience With Your Business Pitch Example

The idea here is to tell the audience who you are pitching for and what you can do to help them based on one of these two things: either their needs or their desires. This slide will give people an insight into your customer base and why you’re right for them.

Pitch Deck Content: Proof of Concept In Your Slide Deck Templates

This slide shows off your proof of concept in the form of a prototype product, a video, or another form of a demo. Even just screenshots will help to convince people and show them how real it is so don’t forget to include this!

Create a mindmap on Venngage to visually present your concept.

Pitch Deck Content: What’s in it for me?

This is the slide that tells people what they will get out of investing with you. It could be anything from a quick financial return to ongoing support or even something less tangible like an opportunity to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Pitch Deck Content: Using Numbers In Your Presentation Deck

Numbers usually tell a tale and a well-chosen statistic can go a long way to supporting your pitch. This slide will either show the potential of the business, its projected growth, or how it will be split up into shares. Just remember that all numbers need to be credible and above board – if you’re going to use independent research, be sure to footnote it.

Pitch Deck Content: What’s the next step?

If you want people to take action then you need to tell them what that next step is and when they should do it. This slide will detail how much money you’re hoping to raise when the funding round closes and who needs to sign off on it.

Pitch Deck Content: Make sure you’re prepared!

This slide tells the audience that you’ve done your homework and that you’re ready to go – now’s the time for them to give their decision. You might include testimonials or case studies or even a video of previous work… Just make sure what you choose is relevant and not too long.

Pitch Deck Content: The “ask” slide

This is the summary of everything you’ve said up to this point and it should be short, snappy, and direct. Make sure you’re very clear about what you need from the audience, who you are targeting, and what they will get out of investing. This slide will hopefully secure you the investment you want and your business will be on its way to success.

Pitch Deck Content: Costs and Benefits

This is a slide that reminds people what they can gain by investing in your business, but also what they could lose if things don’t work out as planned. This slide brings home the message of just how much is involved in the business and how serious it is.

Pitch Deck Content: Meeting the Deadline

This slide will reiterate to people that there are only so many available slots in your funding calendar and that you have to have a confirmation or rejection by a certain date. You might also give some insight into what’s happening behind the scenes, but try not to lose them with too much detail!

Pitch Deck Content: Acknowledging Risk

This slide acknowledges to investors that there are risks involved in investing in a business and that you can’t promise them a certain return or even growth. Security isn’t just a good idea, it’s a legal requirement so be sure to include a few disclaimers.

Pitch Deck Content: The Big Finish!

What is a pitch deck for? This final slide is the last chance you have to convince people that this investment will be worthwhile and that they should back you – don’t let them down! You might also include a note about how much money you have already raised, how much is still left to achieve, and the potential for further investment if things go well.


The people involved will have a lot of questions and you should be prepared to answer them. If something goes wrong, don’t panic – just remember that nobody is perfect and that things can always be fixed or improved upon.

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