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How Important Documents are Being Faxed in 2023

Email isn’t always a viable option when sending important documentation quickly and securely, especially those requiring signatures. Conversely, for decades, faxing offers a higher level of security and reliability. However, when time is of the essence, locating a faxing machine can prove difficult—until now.

Online faxing services are gaining in popularity for people to send important signed documents quickly and securely via email. All you need is a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone and an internet connection to generate a free fax in just minutes.

What is Faxing?

Faxing is a technology that sends an image through a telephone or via the internet. You scan a document into the machine, which is transformed into analog signals or digital data. These types of signals are then transmitted, decoded back into the document image, and received on the other end.

This practice is a great way to securely send signed documents to protect information. Additionally, it’s secure since phone lines are difficult to compromise, and documents sent via an online fax service use digital networks that transmit data in packets and are protected by cybersecurity methods, thereby raising the level of security.

The Different Options Available for Faxing

There are three different options for faxing documents, including the traditional fax machine, modem software, and via the cloud. Each method offers different benefits depending on your requirements and expectations.

1. Traditional Fax Machine

Of course, fax machines aren’t entirely obsolete. However, there are better choices regarding efficiency. When two parties transmit and receive a fax, there’s often a lot of waiting time for the documentation to appear and generate a confirmation page. Additionally, fax machines generate images for the recipient in bitmap format. This fixed graphic image can only be read and not edited.

2. Modem Software

A fax modem turns your computer into a fax machine using a modem connected to a landline. Your computer can be internally equipped with one of these modems. External options are also available. But because using a fax modem requires transmission over the phone rather than a high-speed internet connection, faxing can be a slower process. Also, this method has no flexibility on where to receive or send faxes.

3. Via the Cloud

With online or cloud-based faxing, you can transmit information from multiple devices. You can do so from any device by simply installing software or apps and selecting a fax number to send and receive faxes. Some online fax services provide this service for free, or you can pay for enhanced features.

Because you can fax from any device just about anywhere, this is a more convenient and time-efficient method. And while the other two ways can only send read-only faxes, online faxing allows the editing of documents if needed.

How Online Faxing is a Better Option

Whether you’re a business that needs to send and receive negotiation documents quickly and securely or someone who needs to send health-related documents to your doctor, online faxing is a more convenient, reliable, and secure method of sending and receiving faxes in 2023.

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