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Top 11 Etsy Alternatives That Handmade Sellers Love To Use

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Best Etsy Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Are you an Etsy merchant looking for more effective strategies to boost your profits? Are you sick and weary of not receiving the recognition you merit? If so, you strength be wondering if there are any other platforms that could aid in expanding your customer base. The good news is that Etsy alternatives abound! For those who desire to sell their handmade goods, we’ll outline some of the top Etsy alternatives in this blog post.

Top 11 Etsy Alternatives That Handmade Sellers Love To Use

in this article, you can know about Etsy Alternatives here are the details below;


What benefit does Amazon have over other marketplaces for selling handmade goods? Everyone is familiar with the website! You don’t require to stress about starting from scratch to create your brand. Additionally, Amazon Handmade has a sizable consumer base, increasing the number of prospective customers for your goods.

You have two options for shipping your handcrafted goods when you sell on Amazon handcrafted. You have two shipping options: your own shipping methods or Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon service. The latter is a terrific choice if you want Amazon to keep your products at a warehouse and send them out immediately after an order is placed. Both a monthly subscription fee of $39.99 and an item-by-item cost are charged by Amazon Handmade.

The costs for selling on Amazon might be quite substantial, which is a drawback. Additionally, you’ll be up against rival vendors that are offering comparable goods. Selling on Amazon, though, might be a terrific choice for you if you have faith in your goods and are prepared to put in the effort. 15% per sale in fees. For Handmade vendors, a $39.99 monthly subscription is not required. Benefits include a well-known website with a sizable client base, a monthly cost that is waived for creators, and various shipping choices.

Drawbacks: Exorbitant prices and intense competition on a sizable market


For manufacturers and artists who wish to sell their work on a range of items, Society6 is a fantastic alternative. You may upload your designs for anything from phone cases to t-shirts, and Society6 will take care of the rest. If you wish to promote other artists, they even have an affiliate program where you may get money from sales made by other artists.

Because Society6 uses a print-on-demand business strategy, every order is processed separately. Depending on how you view it, this may be beneficial or negative. The advantage is that you are relieved of the responsibility of handling transportation and inventory storage. The drawback is that it brings longer to complete each purchase, which can make clients dissatisfied.

However, after your work is posted on the platform, you are free from the need to market or sell your goods. All of it will be carried care of by Society6. Additionally, they have a huge consumer base, which increases your chances of making sales.

Compensation: You receive 10% of the product’s sales as well as a predetermined custom percentage for printing.

Competitors: Moderate

Benefits: There is no need to keep inventory, you can profit from the sales of other artists, and no promotion is necessary.

Drawbacks: Only offers a 10% profit margin on non-print items, making it unprofitable for those selling unique products.


Bonanza has been assisting sellers and buyers online for over 14 years. This eBay substitute for Etsy has a sizable market for all kinds of goods. This indicates that, unlike Etsy, their market supports mass-produced goods in addition to not being especially targeted at craft company owners (and make sure to check out our list of craft business names for launch inspiration). The ability to reach a considerably wider customer ground than you would if you were selling on Etsy arises from this, though. They make it simple to sell online while monitoring important indicators thanks to their customer marketing tool and seller stats dashboard. This covers visitors, inventory tracking, and conversion rates with a single click. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

If you want better control over your brand and business, you can also construct your own eCommerce site directly on the website’s platform. It also offers web hosting. For a wider audience, you can also create automated product listings on websites like eBay and Google Shopping.

Commission: Pro plans start at $25, and the site is free to use. Every sale at Bonanza is subject to a 3.5% commission fee.

Competitors: Moderate

Benefits: Bonanza vendors can contact buyers on various platforms, and setting up an account is free. vendors get exposure on Google Shopping.

Drawbacks: With higher-tier plans, which may be required for sufficient advertising and exposure, the monthly subscription fee can become prohibitively expensive.


One of the more popular Etsy substitutes used by makers is eBay. This is probably because the website is well-known and has a sizable consumer base. Since it has been working for better than 20 years, eBay is a reliable marketplace for both consumers and sellers.

In order to broaden their audience and boost sales, Etsy sellers frequently use eBay concurrently. When you autograph up to sell on the marketplace, you have the option of choosing between an individual or company account. For someones who are just starting out and don’t have many sales, the individual account is excellent. For those who are more established and require access to inventory data, sales tracking, and potent branding capabilities, a business account is preferable.

You have the option of selling products at a fixed price or in a bid. This assists you in determining the item’s worth and the going rate for it on the market. Not to mention that conducting dynamic pricing testing can increase your earnings over time.

Cost: The monthly fees for a beginner store are $4.95, a basic store is $21.95 and a premium store is $59.95. At least 250 free listings are provided to each merchant each month. Here, it is possible to figure out the “final value fee” for each sold item. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

Competition is moderately straightforward when using bid postings.

Benefits: You don’t have to worry about marketing or finding customers because eBay is a well-known market with regular buyers shopping for practically every type of product. As a personal user, you can sign up without cost and gradually upgrade as your needs change.

Cons: Since eBay isn’t designed for handcrafted merchants, it can be challenging to achieve traction if your product isn’t already well-liked. Additionally, it takes some effort to determine the “final value fee” and how much the business will deduct from your revenues.

5. Wix ECommerce

You may build an online store to sell your goods using the Wix eCommerce platform. It’s perfect for artisans who don’t know how to code but want more control over the look and feel of their shop. The platform is simple to use & gives you lots of customization choices to set your store apart. To increase traffic to your store, you may also utilize Wix to build a blog or website.

With 500+ expert templates, a mobile-optimized storefront, and guidance from Wix eCommerce, you can easily construct an online store to sell your goods. Using the APIs, you can modify it indefinitely without knowing how to code. Over 50 safe payment sources can be connected to through the creation of a secure checkout page. To increase traffic to your store, you may also utilize Wix to build a blog or website. Also check Free IDM Alternatives

Wix is a fantastic choice for beginners who want a site that looks and functions professionally without having to deal with coding or other “backend” issues. The templates are also useful for people who wish to copy the designs of other well-known retailers but don’t want to create their own store from start.

Commission: Annual fees for commercial eCommerce programs range from $27 to $59 per month. Depending on the payment processor you select, there may be a commission on each sale.

Competitors: Moderate

Benefits: A lot of beginner-friendly templates. Excellent auxiliary features include multichannel selling, cart recovery features, and inventory management. frequent discounts of 50% off to lower the cost of the package. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

Cons: SEO can be more difficult using Wix, making it difficult to increase inbound traffic to your website. You’ll have to put in better effort to draw customers to your store since there isn’t a marketplace.


This Etsy substitute is for you if you’re seeking for an eCommerce site that gives back. 100% of the proceeds from each purchase made on GoImagine are donated to charity. The prospective customer base is somewhat constrained by the fact that this marketplace is exclusively open to American sellers. But as a result, there is far less competition than on other websites.

This platform was only introduced in August 2020 and is the most latest on the list. They tend to be stricter with their rules, defending the rights of both their sellers and their consumers. By holding them to a higher standard, this may spare some Etsy sellers the hassle of having to deal with dishonest tactics.

The website now receives about 80,00 visitors each month, thus in order for it to be one of the viable alternatives to Etsy in the future, the platform will need to expand its user base. To aid in this, they have a street team that advertises the website on websites like Instagram. The company and sellers should both see exponential development as a result of these efforts. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

Commission: Transaction fees can be between 3.5% and 5%, and a monthly membership can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $10.

Competitors: Moderate

Benefits: This website is especially useful for people who wish to advertise that they work for a business that exclusively sells American items and makes charitable donations.

Cons: The website doesn’t get a lot of visitors and is still not very well recognized.


Similar in look to Etsy, Storenvy offers things that are trendy, one-of-a-kind, hip, and chic. This exists the website for you if you want to reach a younger audience. Jewelry, apparel, home décor, and other accessories are popular subcategories. On Storenvy, there are more than 60,000 devoted users. Therefore, even if it is smaller than Etsy, it nevertheless has a sizable and active consumer base.

Prices on Storenvy are a little more expensive than those on Etsy because the site favors higher-quality goods. $56 is the average order value. This could be a fantastic chance to raise your prices while maintaining sales. This reduces the possibility of becoming lost in a sea of competing vendors or having to deal with dishonest sellers who try to steal your work and undercut you in a price war. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

If you enjoy coding, you can modify your shop with CSS and HTML, which is ideal for marketing and branding. Storenvy, like Etsy, also provides marketing tools to help you boost traffic and revenue. 15% of each order is taken as a commission by Storenvy. A plan with a monthly cost of $14.99 can be purchased, or you can create an account for free.

Benefits: If you want to reach a younger, hipper audience, Storenvy is a fantastic choice. Additionally, prices are generally higher, which is good for sellers.

Cons: The market as a whole is smaller and there is less competition. Additionally, Storenvy has a commission price that is more than twice as much as Etsy’s current fee.


For anyone peeking to launch their own eCommerce business, Shopify is one of the multiple popular website store builders. Shopify will give you all the resources you need to build and manage your store, and you may sell both physical & digital goods. Additionally, it works with businesses that offer print-on-demand services, and many printers have easy connections that make setting this up a cinch. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

Compared to Etsy, Shopify has the advantage of being much more user-friendly for beginners. You’ll be able to use the platform even if you’ve never built an internet business before. But there’s some significant power behind this program. You can have your own website, a unique domain, simplified sales methods, integrated marketing tools, and pretty much anything else you might need from an e-commerce site builder. Also check Similarweb Alternatives

Therefore, there is room for growth. However, when it comes to attracting customers, you’re on your own. When managing a solitary internet store, you’ll need to use SEO, email marketing, and social networking.

Cost: Shopify Lite plans start at $9 per month. The cost of a basic Shopify subscription is $29 per month, which also includes a $0.30 transaction fee and a 2.9% commission on each order. A 14-day free trial is available.

Benefits: Since you are the owner of your independent web business, you don’t have to be concerned about being kicked off the eCommerce platform. Drawbacks: Since Shopify does not function as a marketplace, you will need to drive visitors to your eCommerce site. The monthly costs for Shopify must also be paid, which can be expensive for individuals looking for free Etsy substitutes.


Instead than joining an online marketplace with an established customer base like Shopify, Big Cartel lets you manage your own online store. One of the top Etsy substitutes for people looking for a business that supports artists and makers of handcrafted goods is Big Cartel. It has a fantastic website builder that makes it easy to quickly create a professional website. As a result, creators are able to concentrate on what they do agreeably rather than spending time establishing a website from start. This implies, however, that you are alone in charge of marketing your store and your goods. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

Although this platform doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as Shopify, it’s a terrific way to get your claws wet in building your own store with very little financial risk because it may be simple and free to get started. It is an excellent approach to test for a minimal viable product because it also provides you with real-time analytics on your traffic, conversion rates, and more. There are no transaction costs for the monthly plans, which range in price from $0 to $19.99 each month.

Benefits: One of the most reasonably priced alternatives to Etsy that targets creators. Simple website builder without coding.

Cons: Has fewer capabilities than Shopify, which makes it less suitable for operators of medium- to large-sized online businesses. The two online payment methods that the program accepts, Stripe and PayPal, may also come with costs. You’ll need to develop your own external audience.


If you already maintain a website or blog and want to add an online store, Ecwid is a perfect Etsy substitute. Ecwid stores can be set up in only a few clicks, thus it’s really simple to do so. Additionally, you may link your Ecwid store to websites run by Wix, Squarespace, Tumblr, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and eBay. With any of these platforms, you may expand your reach with the help of a variety of advertising and marketing solutions. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

This Etsy shop substitute can help you develop into a multi-channel seller, which can give you a tremendous advantage over the competition even though you won’t have a built-in audience from the beginning.

Cost: Monthly costs can be anywhere between $0 to $82.50. By making a yearly payment, you might get a bigger discount.

Competitors: Moderate

Benefits: The absence of transaction fees is a significant benefit for online merchants. Additionally, you have access to a wealth of marketing and analytical services that can help you draw customers to your business.

Cons: If you require a complete website development and are starting from scratch, this isn’t the greatest choice. For this seller, options like Shopify would be a better fit.


Did you know that the well-known consignment store Mercari allows you to sell handcrafted goods as well as pre-owned items? Even while this isn’t Mercari’s main market, it’s still a fantastic option for those who create unique products. Also check OpenVPN Alternatives

This online shop is the ideal Etsy substitute for anyone who sells vintage goods. Because Mercari is recognized for selling old goods, the built-in market will draw in the appropriate customers for this market. This is another Etsy Alternatives.

By enabling you to make shipping labels, Mercari streamlines the shipping procedure. You may even sell in your neighborhood and set up drop-off and pickup deliveries. Sellers that wish to sell their products but avoid or at least minimize the burden of shipping will benefit greatly from this flexibility.

  • Mercari takes a commission of 2.9% and $0.30 for each sale.
  • Competitors: Moderate
  • Benefits include a free account, a 6 million-user platform, and app compatibility.
  • Drawbacks: Limited search criteria and difficulty for print-on-demand and one-of-a-kind merchants.

WHY SHOULD I find an etsy alternative online marketplace?

You can be unsure about the need to search for an Etsy substitute. Etsy is the largest online marketplace for handcrafted and antique goods in the world, after all. The following are some of the multiple crucial things to think about if you’re considering of switching:

To increase earnings

Because they can generate more revenue, alternatives to Etsy are one of the primary factors to take into account. Even though Etsy dominates the handmade sector, it doesn’t control all of it. Selling your handcrafted goods in more places will significantly boost your revenue. Additionally, you might discover that some other sites are more lucrative than Etsy if you try on them.

It’s difficult to predict exactly how the money will function unless you give it a shot. And if you’re worried about losing money on an investment, there are many platforms where you may start out without risking any money.

TO Get more visibility

You need to improve your visibility if you want to build your brand’s reputation. The more media you are on, the more probable it is that people will discover you and your handcrafted goods.

People begin to perceive you as credible and trustworthy when they see you often on a variety of venues. Because they are aware that you won’t vanish tomorrow, they will be more inclined to make a purchase from you. Additionally, they’ll begin to spread the word about you, & before you know it, you’ll maintain a sizable following of ardent supporters. This is a major advantage since word-of-mouth marketing is the best type of advertising.

TO Stand out from the crowd

There are already more than 60 million active users on Etsy. It might therefore be challenging to separate apart from the fierce competition if you sell products that are similar to those of your opponents.

You’ll be in a different product mix if you sell your handcrafted goods on other channels, though. This can overpower your handmade goods on some marketplaces. However, if they are the appropriate ones, you can discover that your goods are a perfect fit. Being distinctive gives you a competitive advantage that might aid in increasing your consumer base and revenue.


You never know when Etsy sales might decline. Customers have in the past boycotted the platform for a mixture of reasons, and if this occurs once again, it could have a substantial effect on your earnings.

However, you give yourself security by being present on various platforms. You still have alternative platforms to rely on if sales drop on one. Customers may occasionally switch from Etsy to one of the other marketplaces where you already sell. If Etsy were to fail or experience another decline in sales, this could save your job from being lost.

Mosy common issues for etsy sellers

The following are some of the multiple significant problems that Etsy merchants have faced over the years, which led them to look for alternative sales channels:


While Etsy used to be a premium eCommerce platform, in recent years it has devolved into a price war. This is mostly because of the increase of cheap, mass-produced items that Etsy has recently permitted on the marketplace.

Because of this, it has become additional difficult for makers of goods to compete on price, and many have been driven to decrease their prices or offer more products to remain competitive. Etsy’s policies for trademark and copycat infringement can occasionally be slack. As a result, if you have a distinctive product, you can find that imitators start selling it soon.


Over the years, Etsy has gradually raised its fees, which has significantly decreased many merchants’ income. The transaction charge has increased to a staggering 6.5%, and the listing fee is at $0.20 per item. Despite being far less expensive than other options on our list, the cost has almost tripled in the last two years. As a result, sellers are under pressure to cut their prices to remain competitive while simultaneously needing to raise their pricing to turn a profit.

Additionally, if you want your products to appear in search results, Etsy Ads are now required. In complement to everything else, there is also a price for this, and no sales are even promised as a result. Therefore, you’re not the only one who is upset about Etsy’s rising prices. Many vendors are searching for options that can increase their profits.


The unfortunate fact is that even though you’ve put in many hours establishing your Etsy store, you don’t actually own it. Your shop may be shut down by Etsy at any time, & they have accomplished so in the history for a numeral of different reasons.

Although this is typically the result of policy infractions, it can also occur if Etsy decides they no longer want your kind of goods on the site. This can be very upsetting, especially if you’ve developed a sizable customer base and find yourself without a place to market your products.

A lot of handmade vendors choose to build their own websites. By doing this, they may accept payments online while still earning listing, transaction, and advertising commissions, improving their margin. Even while it takes more time, this method might ultimately be far more rewarding.

The bottom line: Choosing an etsy alternatives

Making your own website is, as was already mentioned, one of the best alternatives to Etsy. You now have total control over your goods, costs, and branding. Additionally, you’ll be able to accept payments using a number of platforms, like PayPal and Stripe. But creating your own website can be labor-intensive. You’ll have to start from fresh with your website design, hosting configuration, and listing page creation.

Your best bet if you’re unsure of your readiness for this task is to familiarize yourself with the procedure and run the figures. Go for it if you decide it will be worthwhile! Otherwise, you have a lot of choices for developing a consumer base. Maybe you can make some money selling on these platforms while you save up to buy your own website.

Although Etsy is a fantastic marketplace for selling handcrafted goods, there are other options as well. It strength be time to take into account one of the many Etsy alternatives if you’re getting upset with rising costs or a lack of sales.

Finding the platform that will work best for you and your business requires investigation because individually one has advantages & drawbacks of its own. The brave will often find success, so don’t be scared to take a chance!



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