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Top 5 Best Copper App Integrations Of 2024

Best Copper App Integrations will be discussed in this article. It’s critical to understand the differences between native and custom integrations before moving on to the top Copper integrations. Smaller companies might not have enough manual task volume (and hence potential time savings) to warrant the expenditure in establishing a bespoke integration, but organizations with annual turnover over $1.5 million will typically start looking for custom integrations. Native integrations are an excellent place to start in this situation and will pay off quickly.

Top 5 Best Copper App Integrations Of 2024

In this article, you can know about Copper App Integrations here are the details below;

Native Copper Integrations

On their website, Copper typically indicates that they have a native linkage already in place. However, they have begun to add more “integrations” under the pretense that “you can use Zapier to build this”—which is confusing and goes into the realm of bespoke integrations.

The “Native” integrations that are actually featured on that page are handy and, in many situations, all you need, but they can also lead people astray by giving the impression that they can accomplish far more than what is truly feasible right out of the box. You’re not alone if you’ve attempted to set up a Copper integration and discovered it doesn’t perform “exactly what you thought”. Because native integrations must be built for scale—the common needs of tens of thousands of customers—rather than your particular needs, they frequently have restrictions. Below, we’ll look at a few examples.

Custom Copper Integrations

Custom Copper integrations consider the logic and business processes unique to your company. A human does a task and must make numerous small judgments along the way. This kind of reasoning can be included into a bespoke automation by an integration specialist, who will also be able to better understand when and with what data an automation should trigger by probing you with little inquiries about your workflow.

unique code and other technologies, such as Zapier, are typically needed for these unique integrations, in addition to a technical expert in business process, data manipulation, and APIs.

Best Copper Integrations

  1. Dialpad
  2. QuickBooks Online (QBO) / Xero
  3. Airtable
  4. Outfunnel
  5. PanaDoc

More than seven years ago, our company became the first partner of Copper CRM. Since then, we have registered for and experimented with hundreds of the different software solutions (along their APIs) to determine which is the most user-friendly, most likely to expand with your team, and—above all—which works best with Copper both now and in the future. We take great satisfaction in only endorsing software that we personally use or would use in our own company.

Our clientele spans a wide range of sectors, including venture capital firms, financial planners, and cryptocurrency start-ups. From “mom-and-pop” construction enterprises to online education providers. In light of this, use the suggestions we’ve provided below as your go-to reference guide to discover which software—as well as others—works well with Copper in all of the aforementioned industries.

1. Airtable

Common Use-cases With Copper:

  • submissions of website forms and lengthy applications (such as grant applications)
  • A well-structured database expansion containing leads and client information (e.g., more data points and reports)
  • Substitute for Typeform, Jotform, Google Forms, Submittable, Google Sheets, and more…

There isn’t a better piece of software available if you have website form submissions that need attachments or graphics, or if your lead intake process calls for longer applications. The most absurd thing is that, 95% of users searching for software to submit forms to websites will have looked at almost everything available, barring Airtable. 🤯

The main reason for its success is that it stores the entered data in an appropriate database structure with flexibility. providing a tool that is simpler to use than Google Sheets and enabling you to bulk modify, filter down, and run reports.

When it comes to the integrating Airtable with Copper CRM for lead intake, it offers greater functionality than any other form intake platform. It may be used to keep more details about every lead in your CRM without cluttering Copper with lengthy and infrequently accessed data points.

It can function as an extension of Copper when correctly linked. For example, you could have a “view more details” link in a Lead, Person, or Opportunity record in Copper that takes you directly to the individual record in Airtable, saving your team time and preventing them from missing crucial information. We’ve even gone so far as to totally replace Google Sheets in our company with Airtable. Although it can sound like a daunting idea, you won’t want to use Google Sheets ever again after you discover the degree of data integration and flexibility that can be gained between Airtable and Copper.


Integration Type: Custom

Airtable: No cost; each user pays $12 per month (sign up here to receive $10 in free credit) — go to the website

2. Outfunnel

Common Use-cases With Copper:

  • Copper’s automated emails and email campaigns
  • Adding more out-of-the-box integrations with Copper (Lead Scoring) and tracking email engagement image.png

These days, automated communication would be extremely beneficial to very few businesses. This is where Outfunnel enters the picture. We use it with 90% of our clients and consider it a standard tool for optimizing Copper CRM.

Since the integration is native, you can set it up without the need for new code or additional tools like Zapier, and the tool is reasonably priced. All you have to do is generate a Copper API key & the add it to Outfunnel in order to link it to Copper.


Its capacity to send automatic emails at different stages of your process is its main selling feature. For instance, are leads slipping between the cracks? Do you want to give information to a new lead in your CRM automatically when they’re at their warmest? Utilize Outfunnel to automate it. Do you want to know how many leads clicked on a link or opened your emails? Wondering how users interact with your website in your CRM? It also does that. Do you want to target only your Copper client list with an email campaign? Yes, that does have a trigger. The best part is that none of this requires you to leave Copper to work!

Copper API key and add it to Outfunnel

Pro Tip: If you wish to synchronize data from programs you may already be using, like MailChimp or Calendly, Outfunnel also functions well as an integration tool on its own.

Fun Fact: We discovered Outfunnel a few years ago after attempting a couple of the industry giants in email sending (MailChimp, Reply, HubSpot, PersistIQ, Drip, ConvertKit, Autopilot, and ActiveCampaign, to mention a few) and became dissatisfied.

We had a brief introduction to their team and were immediately impressed by the quality of work and degree of integration they were striving for. We made an effort to present them to the Copper API team, shared our knowledge of the integration area with them, and spoke with them on the integration of email engagement with Copper in the event that we were developing it from scratch.

They have achieved this, and it is a really amazing accomplishment for the team because Outfunnel lies in the middle of “Native” and “Custom”.

Integration Type: Native/Custom

Exit funnel Cost: $59 per month (Professional Tier includes more integration tools and lead monitoring) — go to the website

3. PandaDoc

Common Use-cases With Copper:

  • producing, distributing, and electronically signing (eSignature) customized or pre-made documents, such as contracts, quotes, and compliance records
  • Getting paid after the completion of the document

PandaDoc is our suggested solution for any e-signature requirement, from providing quotations to signing agreements. One of the nicest native integrations they have with Copper is the ability to create and auto-fill documents directly from within Copper using the PandaDoc Chrome extension.

A custom integration can help you maximize the capabilities of your PandaDoc connection by enabling you to automatically create quotes or proposals at particular points in your workflow, such as when an Opportunity stage or status changes. You would need to use a custom integration to power up PandaDoc if you wanted document activity (such sent/viewed/completed/paid) to be accessible from within the Copper Activity area.

It may even make sense for businesses handling high document volumes to use a bespoke integration to automatically move an opportunity to the next stage of the pipeline as soon as a document is signed or paid for.


Integration Type: Native & Custom

PandaDoc: Go to the website; each user costs $49 per month (Business Tier).

4. QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Xero

Common Use-cases With Copper:

  • Making and distributing invoices
  • Monitoring payments

An integration with your accounting software, such Xero or QuickBooks Online, is essential for anyone looking to expedite their bulk invoicing process.

Basic functions like displaying invoice totals and checking balance outstanding within your CRM are made possible via a native integration with Xero or QuickBooks Online (QBO). However, this wouldn’t take the place of your accounting software’s payment notifications, if you depend on them. While this is helpful, most users would prefer additional features, such as the ability to the automatically create new customers within your invoicing software in response to lead conversions or stage changes, receive notifications about Copper activity timelines, report payments directly from Copper, and even create and send invoices automatically without ever leaving Copper.

QuickBooks Online

When it comes to integrations, this one is highly sought after by teams that manually generate several dozen invoices per week. For instance, one of our clients requested that when an Opportunity was advanced to a particular step in their Copper Pipeline, an invoice would be generated immediately in QuickBooks Online.

Before the integration, each invoice was created by their team took ten to fifteen minutes, during which they would modify line-item descriptions, calculate discounts using coupon codes, and verify the data in Copper before submitting it. This process was repeated forty or more times a week. Not to mention the hours lost, the extra correspondence with clients who were given the incorrect discount code, and the usual mistakes that occurred when creating invoices by hand.

Their crew now saves six to eight hours a week because to the automation. This is an example of the kind of process that is best left to automation; humans frequently make mistakes when it comes to repetitive chores and processes, but computers are fantastic at constantly producing the same output.

Integration Type: Native & Custom

Pricing: Visit the website to learn more about Xero, which starts at $34/month, or $50 for QuickBooks Online (QBO).

5. Dialpad

 Common Use-cases With Copper:

  • VoIP (Voice over IP) for Business
  • Call recording and analysis
  • SMS (individual to individual, not multiple to many)

Though there are many “native integrations” that Copper provides with RingCentral, Aircall, and JustCall, we prefer Dialpad when given the option. In addition to recording and transcribing your calls, Dialpad also performs sentiment analysis and lets you search for certain keywords to retrieve a specific segment of a call recording. It is a superb desktop and mobile user experience. We have tested at least 15 different VoIP companies in our ten years of operation, and they are without a doubt the industry leaders.

One of the greatest integrations if you want complete visibility across all communication channels—email, SMS, and phone—is a custom integration since it enables you to track individual text messages and recorded calls within Copper. To see a video showing how Dialpad works with Copper, click this link. Furthermore, if a person or lead with that phone number doesn’t already exist in the CRM, you may even have it create a lead automatically. What if you could generate a lead in your CRM simply by returning a call?


When is it beneficial to integrate in this way? We acknowledge that it can be excessive for a sales staff. However, it might be worth the investment in fields like financial planning where compliance is crucial to have all correspondence, no matter how minor, go back to your CRM. Also check guide to VoIP

Integration Type: Custom

Dialpad costs $30 per user per month for the business tier; go to the website to learn more.

Custom Integration Costs

Depending on each integration’s required level of logic and complexity, custom integration charges can change. Maintaining a custom integration also necessitates a monthly support tier. Click here to get pricing if you’d like to know more about how we can assist with Copper Integrations.

Final Verdict

While there are many, many useful connectors for various organizations, we suggest Airtable, Outfunnel, PandaDoc, QuickBooks Online, and Dialpad to our clients who use Copper CRM the most since they offer the strongest user experience and the most robust integrations.

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