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Carguard Administration’s Trevor Smith Always Has The Customer In Mind

Trevor Smith has been at the forefront of the CarGuard Administration since the day that it was founded. Long has he been the one directing the policies that ensure that customers get the best possible experience from their vehicle protection plan.

Who is CarGuard Administration Trevor Smith?

One of the main reasons for founding CarGuard Administration was the fact that while there were many companies that were offering vehicle protection plans, many of them were not putting the customer first. They were putting profits first.

This resulted in Trevor Smith coming up with a new way to tackle the insuring of vehicle protection plans. Based on the reviews that the CarGuard Administration has managed to attract, he seems to be doing a brilliant job of it too.

What does CarGuard Administration Provide?

CarGuard Administration is a provider of vehicle protection plans.

For those that are unaware, a vehicle protection plan is all about covering the cost of repairs to a vehicle. Think of it as similar to an extended warranty, but better.

With a vehicle protection plan, you will be paying into a fund each month. If your vehicle needs a repair carried out, then you will be able to make a claim. This can help to cover the cost of the repair. It may even help to provide you with a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop.

With the increasing sophistication of modern vehicles, many people are opting for vehicle protection plans as there is a whole lot more that can go wrong with their cars. By buying that coverage in advance, they can potentially save cash when it comes to the repair of their vehicles.

Why a Vehicle Protection Plan Could Work for Car Owners

There are a lot of huge benefits for those that opt for a vehicle protection plan. A lot of these benefits are down to the unique way in which CarGuard Administration Trevor Smith has designed his company.

Repair costs covered

The main reason why people opt for a vehicle protection plan is to help cover the costs of repair for their vehicle. While it is likely minor repairs can be funded ‘out of pocket’ when something big like the engine or drivetrain needs repair, it can get rather costly. A vehicle protection plan helps to ensure that the costs of this are covered.

When Trevor Smith started CarGuard Administration, he wanted to ensure that there were several plans available for his customers. In fact, he feels that having multiple plans helps when it comes to customer relations. It means that people get the plan that is right for their vehicle and their needs. It even helps them to get a plan that suits their budget.

Maintenance costs covered

Depending on the protection plan that somebody opts for, they may also be able to have access to costs for maintenance of their vehicle e.g. oil changes.

While these are not going to be repair costs, they can certainly help to keep the need for future repairs down. It will also help to ensure that the vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Hire a vehicle for the duration of the repair

Most vehicle protection plans will offer a hire vehicle should the car need to be in the shop for a decent period of time i.e. more than a day.

This is where Trevor quickly tried to differentiate his company from the competition.

If a vehicle is expected to be in the shop for more than 2-hours, the CarGuard Administration can help when it comes to vehicle hire. This means that the customer is always going to be at the forefront of their mind.

A person often cannot be without their vehicle for hours and hours on end. In fact, vehicles often break down at the most inopportune of moments. A person may need to head to work or take their children somewhere. A quality vehicle protection plan that puts the customer first will ensure that people are never off the road for too long.

Easy to make a claim

This is one area that Trevor Smith really tried to focus on for his company. In fact, part of the reason why he founded the CarGuard Administration is that he believed that not enough companies were taking a customer-focused approach.

If your vehicle needs to be repaired, then it needs to be repaired quickly. Most people probably don’t have the time to spend hours waiting on the phone, nor do they want to wait for an age to receive the payouts that they require to cover the cost of the repair.

Companies like CarGuard Administration have helped to speed up the process drastically. This ensures that drivers can get their vehicles back on the road sooner as opposed to later.

Affordable for everybody

This is another area that Trevor Smith has focused heavily on with the CarGuard Administration. He felt that too many companies were looking for profit rather than helping the customer. This resulted in him devising a number of extensive plans, while also ensuring that the cost of the plans was as low as possible. They are affordable for everybody with a vehicle.

All in all, based on the reviews that CarGuard Administration seems to attract, the company is doing exceedingly well on the customer-focused front.

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