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Top 10 Best Free Video Chat Apps in 2024

Video calling applications have helped people to keep in contact despite their physical distance, which is a gift in these trying times when face-to-face interactions are not an option. The present scenario has shifted owing to Android video chat apps that use effective compression algorithms and high-speed Internet connections. However, not all video calling apps are the same. Because of this, we’ve produced a list of the best free video chat apps for Android and IOS phones.

We can instantaneously converse with anybody in the room by touching our phones together. The ease with which we may now exchange information online is a perfect illustration of technology’s enormous impact on our society. Ten years ago, video calls were sometimes sluggish, with frames missing and unclear sounds.

There was no effort to rate this list favourably. Make a choice based on what matters most to you.

Top 10 Best Free Video Chat Apps in 2024

1. Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best free video chat apps for Android. One of Duo’s standout features is its simple design, which emphasizes video chat. Video chats with other users are instantaneous and more trustworthy than ordinary phone calls, and registering and validating your phone number is simple and easy.

The app’s “Knock Knock” function lets users see who is calling before selecting whether or not to answer. It is also compatible with Android and iOS, allowing users on both platforms to profit from it. The free video chat app for Android now has a web version accessible. To summarize, you should absolutely obtain a great Android app.

2. IMO

IMO is a lightweight Android app that enables for free video and audio chats via 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS. In terms of features, the app does not go beyond text, audio, and video chat. However, all communications (sent and received) are encrypted; this application is reliable.

You may also use group chats, send stickers to friends, and exchange photos. Based on feedback from our users, IMO is the best data-efficient video chat app. While the software is free, there are in-app adverts.

3. Facebook Messenger

Because of its extensive acceptance and favorable reputation, a substantial portion of its user base trusts Facebook Messenger completely. It’s free and accessible on iOS, Android, and web browsers that support Facebook. Facebook Messenger has a very short learning curve. Please feel free to contact me via any means, including text messaging or video calls.

In addition to video chat with friends and family, Facebook Messenger allows you to share emoticons, stickers, GIFs, photos, and videos with special effects, as well as play games. In addition to tracking discussions with other users, Messenger allows you to make bookings, check in on people, and conduct business.

4. WhatsApp

Whatsapp, being one of the most widely used messaging platforms, automatically ranks among the best free video chat apps. It works on all major mobile operating systems, and millions of people use it on a regular basis to conduct video discussions. The calling function is straightforward and user-friendly; to initiate a video call, just open the contact you want to talk with and click on the video call icon.

The phone or video call options should only be used for one-on-one chats, while the technology is typically dependable and should not pose any issues. Users may also converse by text message and exchange files, GIFs, stickers, and other media inside the app. In addition to being free, the software is completely secure to use. In addition, no advertising are broadcast.

5. Skype

Over a billion downloads of Skype’s free video chat app for Android have been downloaded from the Play Store. Skype is primarily responsible for popularizing the idea of free video chatting over the internet. It is a handy tool that works on a variety of platforms and includes native PC apps.

The Android app is remarkably feature-rich, despite its lack of capability compared to the PC version. A video call may be joined by up to 25 people at once. Aside from voice chatting, it also has a text chat where users may communicate free-form text and media (emoticons, photos, emojis, and so on).

Connecting to your Microsoft and Facebook accounts is a given. Furthermore, calls to ordinary mobile phones and landlines are rather inexpensive. Skype’s increased bandwidth use stems directly from the company’s reluctance to compromise on call quality. In addition, if your internet connection is poor, one of the other free video chat applications listed above is a better option.

The application needs some tweaking, but the service is generally superb. Most likely, some of your closest friends and family are already utilizing this service.

6. Viber

In 2021, the Play Store also included the popular Android video call app Viber. Since then, the software has been developed and filled with features. It’s free for practically every mobile device or operating system, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Viber automatically encrypts all text, video, audio messages, photos, and group conversations sent or received. Because of its user-friendly design, establishing a video chat is as easy as clicking the Camera button next to a user’s name and starting to talk. In addition to chatting with friends and family, exchanging contact information, and even playing games, Viber also lets you follow public accounts and see public media.

7. Houseparty

Houseparty is the most widely used video chat app on Android. Free video chat applications for Android saved several people’s lives during the 2021 lockdowns.

Houseparty is a fun and free Android video calling app that is perfect for chatting with friends. You and your friends may play games, decorate photos with frames, and even sing karaoke. A video conference may include up to 10 participants at once.

Despite the good visual quality, the calls are not fully encrypted. Not long ago, fewer security professionals warned that the Houseparty app collected too much user data. Houseparty continues to be a top choice for having fun with a big group of friends via video chat.


It’s not only free texting on the popular LINE messaging network; you can also make phone and video calls anytime you want, wherever you are. LINE is one of the most popular Android free video chat applications, with over 500 million users worldwide. Free high-quality calls are available, and you may personalize your video conversations with a variety of effects.

It works on different platforms, so you may use it on your PC or mobile device. In addition, you may have a group video chat with up to 200 of your closest friends, sharing messages, photos, stickers, and even short videos. The software is free; however, it includes advertisements and in-app purchases. It works with Android 4.1 and later versions.

9. Tango

Tango is an alternative texting app that has been available for a while. The Tango, after years of development, is now a fully working messaging app that now enables video and phone calls. This Android app distinguishes out since it offers high-quality video and phone calls at no cost.

It lets you to send and receive text messages, photos, videos, music, stickers, and locations, among other things, meeting all of your fundamental communication demands. Tango users may enjoy a variety of features while communicating with one another, including live video streaming and multiplayer games. Tango enables users to talk to strangers in public chatrooms as well as in private talks between two people. Tango’s video calling consumes far less data than the competitors.

10. Signal

If you’re concerned about privacy when video chatting, consider the Signal app for Android. This is the best Android app for discreet video chatting. Video conversations created with Signal are completely safe and confidential. The Android video chat app allows five people to join an encrypted video call at once.

Singal is committed to safeguarding its users’ privacy; thus, the Android video calling app has no adverts or trackers. The app has few features, however the video calls to any number in the globe are of excellent quality. The option to delete transmitted messages is only one of the many features that make Signal a typical messenger. In 2021, Signal Private Messenger is anticipated to be one of the most popular video chat services.

Free Video Chat Apps, Honorable Mentions

There are many more popular video calling applications than those listed here. Choose the option that best matches your unique market and use case.

  • Discord (For Gaming)
  • Quick Work Video Call using Google Meet
  • Kik is ideal for groups.
  • Zoom is best suited for companies and organizations.
  • Microsoft Teams (Best for Education and Schoolwork)
  • Social media applications (Instagram, Snapchat)

I hope this list of the 10 best free video chat apps for Android was useful. Please do not be hesitant in sharing your ideas in the comments.

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