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16 Best Big Cartel Website Examples In 2023

best big cartel website examples

Best Big Cartel Website Examples will be discussed in this article. Big Cartel is an eCommerce platform that was created with small companies, freelancers, mompreneurs, artists, and other creatives in mind. Anyone can start marketing things online because it has a free plan, regardless of their financial situation.

Big Cartel is not the most widely used tool for creating eCommerce stores. According to W3Techs, which tracks the market share of each website builder and piece of software, it actually only runs less than 0.1 percent of websites that employ a content management system.

16 Best Big Cartel Website Examples In 2023

In this article, you can know about 16 Best Big Cartel Website Examples In 2023 here are the details below;

But over the previous 12 months, usage has slightly increased. Big Cartel appears to be getting some traction lately, possibly as a result of its simplicity and ease of use, without too many distractions like a wide variety of plugin options. As you’ll see in this piece, many Big Cartel-using websites are run by creatives like musicians and artists. To market their original artwork or merchandise, they utilize Big Cartel.

Indeed, musicians were the ones who founded Big Cartel. Many members of the management team also manage their own Big Cartel websites. Big Cartel is popular because of its emphasis on small business owners; in contrast to Shopify, which is more akin to a chain store like Walmart or Costco, Big Cartel is more like a mom-and-pop establishment.

What Occurs Best With Big Cartel?

For large eCommerce sites, Big Cartel might not be the best website builder. It just doesn’t provide the same level of adaptability and customization choices as Shopify, which has a huge selection of themes and apps and hundreds of third-party tool and service integrations.

The best platform for smaller sites is Big Cartel, particularly if you are selling truly original or creative items like artwork, ceramics, music, or the like. If you only have a few items to offer and don’t want to spend money on a website builder like Shopify, you might also opt for Big Cartel. You will also need to pay money for a domain name and hosting if Shopify powers your eCommerce shop.

The majority of free website builders, like Wix, do not let you offer products for free. The creation of a Wix website may be free, but in order to use Wix Commerce and sell goods, you must subscribe to a premium plan.

It can be surprisingly challenging to find an eCommerce platform that allows you to offer for nothing. In this respect, Big Cartel is a rarity.

Even though the free plan has restrictions, you can still start using it right away without spending any money. You might be able to purchase a premium package once you have generated enough sales.

Interesting Article: Alidropship vs. Shopify

Is there ever a circumstance where selecting Big Cartel over Shopify is the preferable course of action? Direct answers are difficult to give because they rely on so many different things, including your needs and budget.

Without a question, Shopify is a superior eCommerce builder overall. Simply put, it has more choices, makes it possible for you to accomplish more, has a ton of apps and integrations, and so forth. Theme selection and service integration are two areas where Big Cartel is more restricted than the other.

That is not to suggest that Big Cartel does not offer advantages. It enables you to sell items for no charge, as I already stated. Despite having a free sample, Shopify’s only lasts for 14 days. Products cannot be sold on Shopify without payment. On the other hand, Big Cartel enables you to give away up to five goods for sale.

Big Cartel is still fairly simple to use, even though (from the developer’s perspective) it may not be as straightforward as Shopify. Although it’s not the simplest website builder out there, you should get the idea of it after going through a small learning curve.

Although it doesn’t offer as much customization as Shopify, you can still modify your layout without any coding knowledge up to a certain point. But as you can see from these examples, a lot of Big Cartel sites have a comparable look and feel.

That’s because using Big Cartel can make it challenging to truly make your site appear distinctive. As a result, many websites are quite obvious Big Cartel sites; even if the Big Cartel moniker does not appear in the footer, the website may still contain the typical shopping cart icon. Big Cartel might be a preferable option for you if you are an artist, independent contractor, musician, or member of another creative profession. You won’t need to stress about creating a fancy website.

As I’ll demonstrate in this piece with examples, Big Cartel makes it simple to set up a website that is both relatively simple and elegant. As an artist, you want to make your work the website’s main attraction and what visitors see when they arrive.

The reader’s attention is drawn to the artwork you are offering when the design is simple and straightforward, as you can see in some of the examples below. It eliminates disturbances and encourages the expression of your ingenuity.

If you are worried about your privacy when marketing with Shopify or another sizable website builder, you might also want to use Big Cartel. Big Cartel asserts that because they don’t have to account to investors, they can protect your data.

How to Begin Using Big Cartel

You don’t need any coding expertise to get started selling on Big Cartel, and the process is fairly simple. You must register for a plan (select the free plan if you are just starting started) and open your store.

You will be able to select a free theme and upload products along with product details. By altering the fonts and background colors as well as adding your own emblem and/or slogan to the header and footer, you can make your theme uniquely yours.

Both PayPal and Stripe are supported by Big Cartel as payment providers. Customers can pay using the following methods through these two payment processors:

  • utilizing a debit or payment card (Stripe)
  • Using PayPal
  • Using Venmo (PayPal)
  • Utilizing Paypal Credit (PayPal)
  • Through Apple Pay (Stripe)
  • With cash transfers in person (Stripe)

The interesting thing is that Big Cartel doesn’t charge any fees, in contrast to many other eCommerce website builders. To put it another way, it doesn’t charge a transaction fee. For instance, Big Cartel doesn’t require you to pay three percent in fees; all you need to do is pay your monthly subscription price. (if you are signed up to a premium plan).

PayPal and Stripe, however, impose their own costs. Although you cannot avoid these payment processor fees, you won’t be required to pay extra transaction fees on top of them.

Examples of the 16 best Big Cartel websites

1. The Feebles

The Feebles is a lovely website that offers charming paintings for purchase. Although it has a straightforward layout, the art images for sale on the website are exquisitely presented.

The website is straightforward, but beautiful. Checking out is simple, and it is straightforward to navigate.

When it comes to eCommerce, sometimes less is more. Reduced clutter can make your website easier to use and is a great strategy to use when selling something as unique as The Feebles’ goods. You don’t have to go fully minimalist with your eCommerce store.

Regardless of what you are offering, The Feebles is a great example of how to set up a straightforward yet elegant and professional website store.

2. Delectable Condish

Another fantastic illustration of how to create a straightforward yet unique store using Big Cartel is Delish Condish. Using organic, ethically sourced ingredients, the small company offers homemade skincare products. Also check How To Delegate Tasks

The homepage is well-organized; at the bottom, you can click on the various categories to view the products under that area.

Each category page and the homepage have well-designed goods with legible text and eye-catching graphics. The primary menu is also fairly straightforward; you can view product categories or discover site information, such as frequently asked questions.

3. I and you ceramics

I And You Ceramics not only has a cute name, but also a cute Big Cartel-powered web storefront. It is straightforward but elegant, like the examples before it on this list.

I And You Ceramics employs a minimalistic style, displaying short quotes and sentences in lovely font against a beige backdrop. You can find lovely ceramics pictures by scrolling down.

I appreciated that there were more than just product images on the I And You Ceramics website’s product page. Instead, they featured figures in various postures holding the ceramic goods. I believe it draws attention. This is another Big Cartel Website Examples.

4. Lucy Kirk

Artist Lucy Kirk produces intriguing artwork that she then offers as interesting prints, apparel, and stickers. She hosts some of her artwork and goods on Big Cartel.

Lucy uses Big Cartel, but she hosts her primary website on a different domain with Squarespace. From her Big Cartel website, she connects to that website.

Lucy Kirk is an excellent example of how to use Big Cartel to both build a good site in and of itself, as well as to increase traffic to your primary site. Also check Kickstarter Work 

Overall, the Lucy Kirk Big Cartel website is user-friendly and has lovely typefaces.

5. Another Feather

A jeweler offering custom-made and other jewelry is called Another Feather. Although they have a Big Cartel website, they don’t even host any goods there. This is another instance of a business using Big Cartel to direct customers to their primary website. This is another Big Cartel Website Examples.

Their Big Cartel site is the top result when you search for “Another Feather jewelry,” which presumably drives some good traffic to their primary site.

Furthermore, they make use of their Big Cartel website to share details about their social media accounts so that people can follow them.

Setting up a small Big Cartel site for this purpose doesn’t take much effort, and it can increase sales and conversions.

6. Nic Annette Miller

From a set of three sculptured sardines to a set of five pale bats, Nic Annette Miller produces and distributes exquisite sculptured art. She uses Big Cartel to display and market the sculptures, each of which is incredibly distinctive and has a distinct flare.

You can scroll down the homepage and see sculpture after sculpture with little to no writing. Text is actually unnecessary because the sculptures are so stunning and say for themselves.

On the homepage, a fee for each sculpture or pack of sculptures is shown beneath the image. They can be expensive, but they are fairly priced and require a lot of effort.

7. Hallie Bateman

Illustrator and independent contractor Hallie Bateman. She has been featured in renowned publications like The New York Times; her artwork is unique. This is another Big Cartel Website Examples.

On her Big Cartel website, she offers a variety of art goods for sale, including humorous signs, comics with illustrations, buttons, and original contemporary art. Whatever your preferences, you can discover something on her page that you like.

She has a fantastic emblem that is a pencil with the letters HB engraved on it.

The Big Cartel website isn’t particularly elaborate, but it serves its purpose and is simple to use.

8. Jessica Hische

Up until this point, the majority of the Big Cartel website examples I’ve given you were of sleek, understated sites. But an excellent illustration of a Big Cartel store that is a little bit more elaborate and extravagant is Jessica Hische’s website.

Jessica offers a variety of items on her website, including prints, jewelry, pins, stationery, and more.

In fact, she sells typefaces. Jessica offers special fonts for sale at affordable rates if you want to purchase an original font that she personally designed to help you stand out.

Even though her site is more “advanced” than some of the earlier, simpler sites we have seen, it is still fairly simple to use.

9. Atakontu

A Spanish company called Atakontu sells t-shirts with distinctive artwork. Despite having a physical location in Bilbao, Spain, they also offer t-shirts for purchase on their Big Cartel website.

If you’re searching for a store that uses Big Cartel in Europe where all t-shirts are priced in euros, you might want to take a look at Atakontu.

The website has a very simple design. The t-shirt patterns speak for themselves despite the lack of other activity.

The majority of site visitors were presumably directed there from Atakontu’s social media accounts, so they are already familiar with the company and the reasons they would want to purchase its goods.

10. Uno + Ichi

Handmade pottery are available for purchase from Uno + Ichi. It is headquartered in LA and runs its online store through Big Cartel. The web store’s unique design is appealing to me. The product variety is still good even though not all items are always in stock.

11. The Hype Machine

A website called The Hype Machine compiles “hyped” songs. Visit The Hype Machine to discover the most recent hype if you’re looking for the newest, trendiest music. Additionally, The Hype Machine operates a Big Cartel store to market goods. As of this writing, there are only three product categories available for purchase: a sticker set, a t-shirt, and a necklace. The Hype Machine goods costs between $5 and $15, so it is relatively affordable. This is another Big Cartel Website Examples.

If you only have a few items to sell, I believe The Hype Machine’s store is an excellent example of how to use Big Cartel. In order to build a beautiful website using Big Cartel, you don’t need many products to offer.

12. Regan Smith Clarke Clothing (RSC)

Clothing with vintage imagery is sold by Regan Smith Clarke. They have a respectable assortment of vintage clothing items in their Big Cartel-powered web store. The website requires some updating because it doesn’t appear to be very contemporary. The fact that it sells vintage clothing, however, might enable it to maintain a more dated, “vintage” appearance without suffering too many drawbacks. This is another Big Cartel Website Examples.

13. Matter Matters

The retailer Matter Matters offers purses and other distinctive goods. The items’ intriguing color combinations will undoubtedly make you stick out and appear distinctive. I consider Hong Kong-based Matter Matters to be a fine illustration of a Big Cartel retailer aiming to attract more affluent customers. Many Big Cartel shops offer t-shirts and other goods for cheap, but Matter Matters charges hundreds of dollars for its goods.

14. Jim Golden Studio

Eye-catching art paintings, many of which cost $150 each, are offered for sale by Jim Golden Studio. The prints are exquisitely lovely, and even though I don’t like the website’s grey backdrop personally, it is simple to use and offers a pleasant browsing experience.

15. Paulina Mocna

Original artworks are offered for sale in Paulina Mocna’s Big Cartel store. Since many items appear to be sold out as of this writing, there is clearly a strong demand for these paintings. The website is straightforward but effective. Finding something you adore among the products on sale is simple.

16. Frida Clements

Seattle-based illustrator Frida Clements owns a modest Big Cartel store. On her Big Cartel shop, she offers a selection of posters. This is another Big Cartel Website Examples.

Although those signs are straightforward, they have an air of mystery. They frequently only include one animal or avian and have a brief phrase with only one or two words, which makes the mind wander.

Is Big Cartel Expensive? Big Cartel Pricing

Big Cartel is not expensive at all. You can create a store for free, as I already stated, but you can only add a maximum of five products. Additionally, you can only submit one image per product. However, you will still have access to complimentary themes, shipment tracking, real-time statistics, discounting, and other features.

Free plans remain free indefinitely. To open a free account and begin offering, you won’t need a credit card. You can submit up to 50 products with five images each with the $9.99/month Platinum plan. Additionally, you can use inventory monitoring. For 250 items, the monthly fee would be $19.99, and for 500 products, it would be $29.99.

Big Cartel is best for small stores, as I already stated. 50 products may not seem like much, but if you’re an artist selling your own creations, you might not need more than that. This is particularly true if you’re doing this as a side job because you won’t always have the time to make so many designs. Big Cartel simply cannot handle a big site with more than 500 products. You must utilize a different website creator, such as Shopify. As prices can change at any moment, always check the Big Cartel pricing page for the most recent information.

Wrapping it up: The Best Big Cartel Website Examples

I hope this summary helped you get a sense of the kinds of websites Big Cartel can help you create. Naturally, you can create a variety of various styles of websites with Big Cartel because you can customize your theme.

But as you can see from this list, there are a few characteristics that a lot of Big Cartel websites share. They frequently consist of smaller eCommerce businesses run by a solitary individual. Additionally, they frequently emphasize innovation. Big Cartel is used by many artists, so if you’re a struggling artist looking to sell a few copies, it might be the best option for you.



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