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Top 7 Apps Like Holla Everyone Should Check Out

Best Apps Like Holla Everyone Should Check Out will be described in this article. One of the social media sites that lets you video chat with random people is Holla. You can chat with interesting people from all over the world on Holla talk. Numerous people utilize it all over the world and it is free.

Holla Talk has been removed from the App Store due to problems with the reviews section, though. People are looking for holla-like apps as a result. Continue reading to learn more about Holla alternatives.

‌Top 7 Apps Like Holla Everyone Should Check Out

In this article, you can know about Apps Like Holla here are the details below;

1. Azar


Azar was developed by a Korean startup business named Hyper Connect and is a good video chatting app for iOS and Android. It serves as a link between you and the outside world by enabling you to discover new acquaintances.

Therefore, you can talk or video call your new buddies whenever you’re feeling bored. You can download and the app for iOS & Android widgets from the AppStore or the Google Play Store, and you can use it on tablets and computers as well. It is completely cost-free.

Key Features

Azar Apps has a membership option. The advantages are:

  • The capacity to change one’s name.
  • Your cell phone’s rear has a higher-resolution camera that you can use.
  • You will receive a badge for VIP status on your profile.
  • The search area can be customized based on your interests.
  • User modification of places is accepted.

One, three, or six months may be reserved for the VIP membership.

For consumers’ convenience, there is an auto-renewal option.

2. MeetMe


One of the greatest Holla alternatives is MeetMe, also known as My Yearbook. It was founded in 2005, making it one of the first dating applications available today. Even if the software offers a lot of outdated functionality, just a few of them stand out.

You will be given a personal account to use the app once you register. After that, you can upload your images and edit your profile as needed, including changing your name and age. Additionally, you can list your motivation for using the app, such as Friends, Relationships, etc.

Key Features

  • The Membership option on MeetMe offers you the chance to receive additional app perks. These are the advantages:
  1. There won’t be any advertising to annoy you while using the software.
  2. You will have an additional option to access the user’s statistics so you may do so whenever you like.
  3. Unlocked is the hidden matches feature. Users can see which individuals among many have liked their profile. All that is necessary for them to gain access is for them to complete a mini-game.
  4. Different Themes are available with membership. For your profile, you can choose the theme of your choice.

3. Camsurf


Another video chat program that connects different people and is available worldwide on iOS and Android is called Camsurf. On this app, users can discover love or create new friends. It is mostly suitable for desktop use. Camsurf is the perfect video chatting tool for you if you like to experiment with different types of connections.

There are no hidden fees or additional costs with Camsurf. You can edit the personal information that is visible to other users and maintain and modify your profile as needed.

Key Features

  • If you encounter any abusive or harassing behavior, you have the right to contact the Camfurf staff.
  • Simple app management and handling.
  • The preferences for other users’ locales are modifiable.
  • You have two options for making new friends: either start speaking right away into your microphone or send a text message through a chat window.
  • Simple way to leave the cam show without leaving the entire app.



HIYAK claims to be the best alternative to the well-known social networking site for video calls, Omegle. The unique feature of HIYAK, like other Holla alternatives, is that it can connect your call to a random person. Open the app whenever you want and wherever you are to make a video conference with other app users who are online.

One-on-one communication takes place over a video call. Additionally, HIYAK does not keep track of the data that two users are sharing. Make new friends or locate a compatible partner so you can chat nonstop for hours. Both iOS and Android are supported.

Key Features

  • The app is totally free.
  • Profiles are randomly matched.
  • To alter the path of matches, the user can always make adjustments to their profile.
  • It is a secure and reliable platform for networking.
  • Users may maintain connections, share new ideas and stories, and connect with new people.
  • You can select the individuals based on criteria like age, gender, interests, and others.
  • Fun filters and effects are like extra features. With HIYAK filters, you may make jokes and spread a positive vibe.
  • This program firmly prohibits bullying, racism, spam, frauds, and other unlawful activities.
  • Your private data is kept in an automated system. Furthermore, it is not accessible to any workers of HIYAK who work in the building. Invasion of privacy is given top attention.

5. PalTalk


Users of the app PalTalk can have in-person conversations with new people. In the suggestion part of the app, users can find new, related random persons to video chat with. New individuals you meet on the app can be referred to as your “Pals” and it is a wonderful method to explore new demographics and souls.

The A.V.M software firm is the owner of Paltalk, which has its primary offices in Jericho, New York. Users of the app can have free video chats with up to 10 other people. Additionally, users can host chat rooms and enjoy themselves with a large group of people.

Key Features

  • Connect to random chat rooms whenever you want.
  • A single chatroom can display multiple webcam feeds for users to view.
  • There are two ways to communicate: directly attending the face-to-face meeting or texting over the text channel.
  • Users can turn off the online status feature if they do not want to let others know when they will be arriving. By doing this, they will become invisible until they alter their status once more.
  • Users can pick from more than 3 million profiles.
  • You can also change the Alert and Sound settings.

6. OmeTV


Visit OmeTV to meet 100% real people. There are numerous profiles of your match on the website. OmeTV is your savior if you’re trying to find new acquaintances at random. To ensure that you do not meet fraudulent people, the brand conducts a thorough investigation. In addition, breaking rules is absolutely forbidden.

Key Features

  • Utilizing the app is simple.
  • There are no fees associated with it, and none are required.
  • It promotes user socialization. The user needs to make online pals if they don’t already have any.
  • No advertising.
  • There is nothing to impede your time spent interacting with new people.

7. Omegle


Omegle is the most user-friendly method of meeting random individuals on the planet. To get to know someone better before a video call, you can text them first. It is notorious all across the world for being an easy path to new partnerships.

The application asks you to update your profile upon logging in, particularly your hobbies. Further accurate matches will be sought after depending on your interests. The application software works on a variety of gadgets.

Key Features

  • On the basis of your shared interests, Omegle matches your profile. You will come across strangers who share your hobbies, and you should choose the ideal match for you.
  • You can talk with random people using the application’s text chat feature. You’re free to converse with people whose interests diverge from your own.
  • The webcam chat feature is available to everyone with a camera. Anyone using a bogus webcam program risks being blacklisted. If you are under 18 years old, this feature won’t function for you.
  • The adult version of Omegle is an unmoderated website. Strangers can engage in adult conversation. This version is not suggested if you are a minor.
  • Users of Omegle have a language selection choice. Pick the language of your preference.


Holla was a good app, despite the problems it ran into. It is still unclear who is responsible for the machine learning algorithm. However, you can return to exploring with the aid of other apps like holla that were mentioned in the list above.

The only differences between all the apps and Holla are their user interfaces and features. And none of them have any connection to crime. You can still meet new people and wait for Holla Talk to resume operations.


Describe Holla.

A social networking site for video talking is called Holla speak. It enables users to have video chats with total strangers located all over the world. Holla Talk makes it possible to meet new friends. It is completely free.

Holla is forbidden, why?

Recently, Holla and the other six applications were looked into. The reason was that accusations of unwelcome sexual harassment appeared on all apps.

The primary target of the unwelcome sexual approach on Holla was who?

The fundamental reason for the commotion at Appstore under Holla was a machine learning algorithm. Few users said that the program was prompting random and unsolicited advances for sexual desires, bullying, and harassment.

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