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8 ideal platforms for no code or low code application development in 2021


If we go by conventional ways, developing mobile apps is not only challenging but also bring with them a lot of complexities as well. However, there has been a new wave of no code or low code mobile app development services for non-techie individuals and enterprises across the globe.

Such platforms help businesses to build a mobile app in minutes with everything done rapidly right from design to delivery. You might find variations between platforms when it comes to customisation or features offered but basic functioning of all of these platforms is just about the same i.e. leveraging ready made mobile apps for businesses without any technical expertise.

No code low code mobile application development offers a distinctive edge in crafting mobile apps without needing knowledge of any specific programming platform. This is great for not just independent professional developers but even a team of people wanting to get rid of handwritten coding for dispatching apps as quickly possible.

Today there are a good number of no code low code mobile app development services platforms. However, we have made this task easier for you by boiling down to eight platforms that could prove to be of great help.

  1. GoodBarber

A DIY app builder, this is to produce apps for iOS, Android, or progressive web apps. Any mobile app development services can have a range of apps created with this platform in minutes


  • Apps that work across multiple platforms
  • Native apps for iOS and android created with ease
  • Optimised apps for screens and devices
  • No coding or programming required


  • Customer support to slow to handle
  • The design and interface it’s quite confusing
  1. BuildFire

If looking for a reliable no code low code app builder as mobile app development services then this is another great option in the market to publish apps without any hassle. Just like other great platforms here in you need not be well-versed with coding stuff to make optimum use of platform.


  • Code free platform to create apps
  • Deployment is as easy as one can think
  • Rendition is quick with a dashboard that is intuitive
  • Monetisation of app is very much possible
  • Multiple analytics for push notifications such as CTR and Open Rate


  • Due to lack of app validation creating a prototype is not possible
  • The technology stack has restrictions resulting in no performance
  • There is no customer support available whatsoever
  1. Bizness Apps

This platform is another addition to the list of no code low code abilities such as ease of use with not just managing mobile apps but even spend time in creation, modification, and deletion. No technical knowledge required in this case especially if planning for mobile app development services.


  • There are so many features for revenue generation
  • Full length support for chat and friendly emails
  • Easily integrates third-party services
  • Support across multiple platforms
  • Absolute zero coding required


  • Bit more expensive than expected
  • Restricted options for personalisation
  • App editor is extremely sluggish
  1. AppInstitute

See this great platform meant for mobile app development services with an extremely user-friendly interface backed by quality app creation. Not to mention here that absolute no coding required with this platform as well.


  • Simplified model for drag-and-drop requiring no coding
  • Online facility to support chat
  • Flexibility with UI/UX
  • Users have full control over the app
  • White label branding


  • Limited options to have things customised
  • Backend appears to be too cluttered
  • Too many limited options for payment gateways
  1. Appery.io

Check out this another great platform meant for mobile app development services app creation  and helpful in creating hybrid, native, as well as web apps via cloud-based builder. It is so easy to master that even beginners could try.


  • No experience in programming required to craft apps
  • Have real time collaboration of team members
  • There is nothing better than drag-and-drop
  • There is an inbuilt tester for mobile apps testing
  • Support across multiple platforms


  • Too much fluctuation in pricing of products
  • No policy to refund back
  • Limitations with permissions and authorisations
  1. AppSheet

Another no cost low-cost platform for mobile app development services that doesn’t demand any coding and integrates data sources like databases, spreadsheets, office 365, dropbox, Google Drive and more. Its mission is to simplify the lives of everyone by building apps in no time.


  • Not a single line of coding required
  • Quickly deploy apps in minutes
  • Audit trails performed with ease
  • Changes in data in no time
  • Responsive design provided


  • Only pro version offers SQL connectivity
  • Aesthetic looking dashboards difficult to have
  • Options for customisation are limited
  1. Appian

This is another platform wherein you can have next generation apps created with mobile app development services in minutes. That’s why the platform is an ideal choice for companies who are much concerned about compliance, simplification, operation-ability, and UI/UX.


  • Facilitation of task management, intranet, and collaboration as a built-in facility
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Complex logic sold by decision making
  • Building apps doesn’t require any kind of coding
  • Very few resources required to build an app


  • No designer facility for case management
  • The tool for authoring is quite slow
  • Real life problems cannot be catered since it’s linear
  1. Appy Pie

This platform is on the list due to the extensive features offered with affordable pricing options for optimum ROI on mobile app development services. It just takes few minutes to build apps with this platform whether be iOS, Android, or Web apps.


  • The interface is easy to use with drag and drop operation
  • Updates offered are in real time
  • Absolutely no knowledge of coding required
  • Google analytics can be used to perform mobile app analytics
  • Round-the-clock support available on call, chat, or email
  • Seamless integration of app monetisation model
  • Fairly easy to publish app on App Store and Play Store
  • More than 3 million businesses globally are using it


  • Push notifications are too limited
  • For more features you need to go for paid subscription
  • Customisation options are pretty much limited

What’s Your Take?

So, we just discussed the very best mobile app development services no code low code platforms specifically meant for people who are non-technical and yet plan to create wonderful apps. You can do search for contemporaries.

There are other platforms ready to make app development that you need to check out if in case you are facing issues with any of the above. It is always best to start with an ideal one for mobile app development services and then move to next one if the prior one is not working.



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