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7 Styles of Furniture that Modern Homes are Adopting Now

With evolving times and styles, our interior décor has also gone through a lot of transitions. We have come a long way from just sticking to a certain type of furniture to now having a huge spectrum of furniture at our end. There are so many designs and styles that it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing.

From a vibrant and chirpy transition to a more Indian and earthy setup, you can give your home a makeover in countless ways. Here are 7 styles of furniture that people are into these days. Come, let’s check them out.

The Traditional Style

The traditional style of furniture is about bringing you back to your roots while giving a welcoming aura indoors. Be it the addition of Mughal paintings on wood or wood carvings of deities, traditional furniture looks very endearing. Wooden jharokhas, hardwood rocking chairs, and so on are excellent furniture items that you can introduce into your home.

A lot of traditional designs are popping up in the current home decor scene. These include the Shekhawati Jodhpuri style, jaali designs, Radha-Krishna prints, and so on. The ethnic style of furniture is all about uniqueness and creativity. You will find some of the most gorgeous pieces while looking for traditional furniture.

The Modern Style

If you are all about simplicity and chic designs, modern furniture will totally be up your alley. Be it the sleek designs or the clean finish, this style is known for using “cold” materials in its production. It is all about neutral colour combinations, smooth textures, and crisp lines. From lean bookshelves to compact shoe shelves, the modern furnishing style is great for people struggling with floor space.

Modern living furniture came into being in the twentieth century as a branch of the decorative arts. You will find the use of geometric shapes as well as clean silhouettes here. If you want a grainy texture in your furniture but would like to keep it basic, go for natural wood. The glossy finish and neutral colours like gray and white are its USPs.

The Minimalist Style

Minimalism is the buzz word of this generation and we can see its impact on the realm of furniture too. It is a beautiful fusion of Scandinavian and modern furniture with plain utilitarian style as its main feature. Nothing screams “less is more” like the minimalist style of furniture. Be it tables with smooth edges or chairs with round ends, this furniture looks very delicate in their own way.

You will love this range of furniture if you are a fan of clean finishes and open spaces. There is an aura of calm and peace that comes with this kind of furniture that you will love for sure.

The Vintage Style

A lot of us cherish old-school, retro-inspired elements in our house. No wonder why there is a revival of the antique and vintage style of furniture. Manufacturers are creating new styles of tables, sofa sets, chairs, etc. while drawing inspiration from the late 90s. It was the mid-century modern era where the furniture had curved arm rests, clawed-feet, rustic look, and so on.

The retro and vintage style has become immensely popular right from the onset of the twenty-first century.Vintage items create a very unique look and have a classic vibe. Such pieces bring individuality to your space with their unusual style and rich designs.

The Bohemian Style

If you are among the rebels who love to break the rules, live carefree and think out of the box, you will be delighted by the boho-styled furniture. Such furniture pieces are known for their lack of structure and a myriad of textures, colours, and patterns in layers. The bohemian aesthetics have a very relaxed, personal and chilled out vibe. They depict nobody else’s taste but yours and that is why the millennials gravitate towards this style so much.

From beds with textured finishes to the chest of drawers with pop of colours, the boho-inspired furniture will transform your house into a riot of cool and colourful space. It is more about choosing than creating. That is why, it does not stick to any hard and fast regulations. Usually, saturated colours, layering of varied patterns, and various styles of lightings inspire the boho-themed furniture.

The Cottagecore Style

The cottagecore style of décor and furniture encompasses a warm and cosy vibe to your living space. Marked with unique interior elements, and whimsical designs and creates an aura of surrealism and fairytales. It imitates from the way of living at the countryside and is a romantic aesthetic. Loaded with nostalgia for the simpler times. A lot of colours, patterns, nature and animal-related elements are used in the cottagecore style. Such pieces are often dotted with gold detailing, floral patterns, snug structure, and soothing colours.

Be it lounge chairs or seater sofas, the cottagecore styled furniture often gives off a very homely vibe. It also has inviting tones. You will find the fabrics on them to be very smooth and printed. They are great for snuggling and feeling warm. Lush velvets on the cushions and natural wood on the structure are also used.

The Colonial Style

It was the mid-1600s and mid 1700 when the colonial style of furniture came to existence. It was mainly produced by the American colonies. This style is heavily inspired by the contemporary European designs tinged with certain indigenous characteristics. In the recent years, we have seen its comeback and people seem to enjoy it. Intrinsic artisanry coupled with the heavy wood works gives this style of furniture a very luxurious look.

Teak wood plays a major role in creating furniture of the colonial fashion. The polish and finish of such pieces is because of the texture of this wood. Colonial-styled armchairs and sofa sets use teakwood to get that beautiful and exceptional appearance. You can also shop for leather seaters, old-school poster beds and wing chairs to get the complete feel of the good old American style of furnishing.

The furniture scene in India is rapidly changing and for the better. If you are planning to revamp your house, now is the right time. Currently, the market is brimming with varying styles and options. You can go for harmonious aesthetics by picking one style or spruce things up by mixing and matching. Take your time and make sure your interior décor aptly represents your style, taste and personality.

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