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6 Types of Animation Videos your Business Needs

Animated videos give your marketing material a youthful and fun side, letting your customers know it’s not always sell sell sell. In the past, creating animated video explainers was time-consuming and expensive for many brands, but now with the help of specialist agencies it’s become easier than ever to produce eye-catching videos for your campaigns.

Why create animated videos?

There’s no denying the demand for video and results have shown that by having videos across your social media platforms it’s a great way to improve ROI. By up to 150%. Another upside of animated videos is the opportunity to tell a story about your products, services, brands or consumers.

But with different video styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best for your campaign and consumer type. In this post we explore 6 of the best types of animation videos for your business.

Explainer Video
Animated explainer videos give your business the perfect opportunity to explain your concepts, services or products in an eye-catching way. They can be used across platforms and even on your website’s landing page to engage your audience.

Explainer videos are snappy and can answer many of your customer’s questions in under a minute. Research has shown that when you add animated videos to your social media platforms that it can increase conversions by up to 200%.

Animated Social Media Ads
Ensuring that your product or business stands out on social media and convincing scrolling fingers to stop, watch and ultimately click-through to your website is key for any advertising campaign. Few things capture an audience’s attention like a professional, engaging animated social media ad.

Because humans typically have a short attention span, it’s important to have vibrant content to stand out and with animated social media ads you get just that.

Customer Testimonial Video
Customer testimonial videos are one of the most powerful ways that your business can attract and engage new customers. When a brand gets someone to talk about how good their product or service is, it has a much more effective appeal than an advert and this is because it helps companies build trust and credibility with prospective buyers.

In fact, the statistics speak for themselves. When it comes to purchasing decisions over 90% of consumers state that they trust a brand or product that someone has recommended to them, even if it’s someone they don’t know well. And customer testimonial videos add to that because they strengthen people’s attitudes towards a brand or product.

When you use your customers to give testimonials about your products or services, it adds the human touch to your marketing efforts, which prospective customers can relate to more easily than a traditional advertising campaign.

Company Story Video

Every brand or business has a story and sharing that story with your customers can play a vital role in connecting and converting them. When you release company story videos on social media or on your website, it helps to show your consumers the human side of your brand. It lets them see that it’s not about business all the time, it’s about people and your dedication to serve your customers.

When you let your customers into your brand, it allows you to build trust and credibility with them and allows you a deeper sense of connection. When you tell your customers about your brand and its values, you connect to those that share similar values and when brands do this effectively customers have been shown to be 10x more likely to purchase from them than another brand.

Company Culture Video
Company culture videos highlight your brand or business to the world. It’s more than the company story video as it showcases your workforce, their values, skill sets and passions too. Company culture videos allow you to tell the story of what it’s like at your brand. This can be incredibly important for potential hires, customers and clients as it allows them to gain an insight to the type of place you’re running and why.

Company culture videos give you a platform to highlight your brand’s values so that people can decide whether you’re the right brand for them. Studies have shown that customers and clients are much more likely to purchase and work with brands that have values that align to theirs.

Always on campaign video
Always on campaign videos are a great marketing tactic as you can reuse them multiple times depending on your campaign. For example, if you are selling a new colourway of a product you can benefit from re-using an instructional video as it shows your customers the information that they need on how to use the product regardless of colour.

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