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6 benefits of closed-loop marketing for pharma companies

Closed Loop marketing is popularly a comprehensive means of capturing data that isn’t restricted to only delivering messages to Healthcare Professionals – HCPs. It’s a two way communication that works two ways by delivering accurate communication messages to HCPs and key stakeholders that include buyers, management and also patients.

CLM allows improvements in marketing and other strategies by capturing feedback from the HCPs to work better with the doctors, physicians, etc. Data collected plays a major role in marketing where sales reps have to stress the needs of HCPs. So by analyzing the feedback sales reps become physician’s trusted advisers by customizing the materials provided to them and turn pharma as irreplaceable.

We list down six major advantages of using closed loop marketing strategies from SANeForce that can transform digital pharma marketing:-

1. Easy communication with HCPs

A two communication model that doesn’t work without the other where the sales reps need to plan out activities that will attract audiences into a communication channel gathering user feedback which can be further used for making improvements. After all this, the marketing loop is put to an end after analyzing customer requirements and making adjustments according to the user preferences. In this way, your company can stay relevant with its customers.

2. Targeting gets personalized

Hyper-personalization enables enhanced market segmentation using behaviour analysis of customers, purchase history and particular demographics. Pharma Closed-loop marketing is also based on the same method which is done according to the HCP’s preferences that helps in targeting them with accurate and personalised content ensuring reliable communication between sales reps and HCP.

3. Reaches Integrated Sales

During the process when sales reps are communicating with your audiences, feedback is also being collected. When it is synchronised with the CRM application, sales reps get a clearer vision of the present marketing scenario and make changes accordingly. By processing the information gathered, marketing departments can work on the weak communication implementing successful ideas and adapt the materials according to customer needs.

4. Leverage Multichannel Marketing

Digital multichannel marketing enables the sales reps to deliver messages keeping in mind the preferences of HCPs. HCPs can then access the web portal to gain information according to the time and location they desire. HCPs can then be reached through video conferences and webinars for further improvement. That’s how closed-loop marketing and multichannel marketing work together.

5. Precise Segmentation

In pharma companies, Medical Rep Software enables precise and clear segmentation using CRM databases. This enables every information shared by customers to more detailed profiling. This reaches the maximum number of audiences  with targeted efficiency, by streamlining your sales and productivity of sales reps.

6. New Marketing Approach

Due to CLM, sales reps collect meaningful data to update their marketing efforts adhering to HCPs’ needs. Relevant marketing strategies are then pitched to target various products. After integrating CLM strategies into the CRM software, everyone in the department gets a clearer picture of the prevailing market scenario. Access to various strategic insights, missed out spots in the marketing plan, unexplored opportunities along with clear messaging delivered to the HCPs at the accurate right boosts the marketing efforts by sales reps.

Closed Loop Marketing by SANeForce works like a double-edged sword that helps sales reps to target more and more customers while developing the reliable personal touch of traditional face-to-face experience.

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