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5 Ways to Take Control of Your Tech Habits

Technology has completely changed the way we engage socially, how we communicate, and even how we think. It has become a driving force in almost everything we do, which sometimes makes us spiral out of control.

If your tech behavior has become questionable, then you should read on. We’ll share some simple ways for you to take control of your tech habits. The solution is not to avoid social websites altogether but rather to be mindful of the amount of time you spend on it.

Technology shouldn’t dominate your life. It should make it more enjoyable and convenient. Learning how to become more disciplined with your time is one of the key objectives you should work towards.

Step One – Limit Distractions

With so many notifications going off every minute, it’s easy to get distracted when you’re at work. There’s a constant need to stay updated and in touch with everything happening on social websites & in the digital world.

Believe it or not, the world will not be completely unrecognizable if you decide to turn off your notifications. Mute any Emails, text, or social media alerts for a few hours when you’re working and note how your focus shifts. If you avoid these incessant disruptions, your focus will increase, and you can finish your work more timeously.

Step Two – Spend Time With Family and Friends

A few years back, no one had to be reminded that spending time with loved ones was an important activity. Most people fought for more time to spend with family and friends.

Because technology has brought us closer to millions of people across the world at just the click of a button, our priorities have changed drastically. The importance of spending real time with loved ones allows you to escape the virtual world and keeps you in touch with the real world.

Touching, hugging, kissing, and simply sharing space in the presence of other people can boost your emotional wellbeing & stimulate all your senses. The sound of people talking, looking into someone’s eyes, touching them, these are all actions that can’t be duplicated in cyberspace.


Step Three – Be Mindful

Being mindful isn’t a new age spiritual fad. The practice of being present and aware of your surroundings & body has been practiced for thousands of years. The benefit of being mindful is that it puts you in touch with the NOW.

Many people seem to want to escape the now for various reasons, which could be to avoid pain, not wanting to deal with yourself or simply being bored. Taking time to connect with your body and spirit brings about a calmness & peacefulness.

It allows you to see life as it is opposed to how you wish it to be in the future or regret how it happened in the past. Try taking a few minutes every day to reign in your thoughts and be completely still. Focus on your breathing and release the tension in your body. When you align yourself to your inner self, it will leave you feeling revitalized.


Step Four – Recharge Your Energy Levels

There are several ways to recharge your body and mind & increase your energy levels. Spending hours online looking at a screen can sap up your energy, so take time to recharge.

Force yourself to get away from the screen every 20 minutes, if possible. It will give your eyes some much-needed rest and your body a break. Bad body posture comes from sitting in front of your laptop or desktop for hours.

Try and do simple stretches & enjoy the feeling of flexibility as your body moves in different directions. Go for a brisk walk or sit outside in the garden and take in the atmosphere. Whatever gets your energy levels up, make time for it daily.


Step Five – Use These Apps

It might seem ironic that one of the steps includes more screen time, right? Don’t worry; we haven’t gone off the rails. There are some good apps available to help you control your bad habits.

The following apps are designed to keep you accountable and motivated. Check them out:

– DayDeed

– Momentum

– Productivity

– Habit List

– Moodnotes

– Forest App

In Conclusion

If you’re busy researching ways to change your behavior, then you’re one step closer to succeeding. You have overcome the denial stage that fools you into thinking that nothing is wrong.

Try these simple steps and let us know how your bad tech habits have transformed into healthy ones. You can do it.

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